Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tag, I'm it!

This tag instructs the blogger to do the following:
Go to your pictures
Choose the 6th Folder
Choose the 6th picture in the Folder
Tag 6 Bloggers

I was tagged by the Lawyer's wife. The picture she posted is the one that I use as my "comment picture". How funny that it would be her 6th?
BTW, we got pregnant in November, before Thanksgiving. Not after the Party of the Year!

This shot was taken during our trip to Arizona during Spring break 2008. Those are my children standing under that cactus. I loved this shot and posted about it after we returned. Wanna trip down memory lane?

I tag-
Green Magsterpie
Mad about Plaid
Caffiene Court
Biscuits are Never Boring
Peyton Place
Card girl

Have fun and show me what ya' got in your folders, girls!

1 comment:

Caffeine Court said...

Okay, time to dig out the old photos!!

Thanks for tagging me!