Monday, February 2, 2009

Rockin' out in utero

Paintboy and I enjoy music. We have attended a million concerts over the years. According to PB being pregnant should not stop you. "It exposes the baby to music early on." C was exposed to a LOT- PB worked for A&M records, he was in the developement field. He went to concerts nightly, trying to find and sign new bands. J got to attend some mega shows, U2 and Madonna. "Bebe" needs to rock out! We have 3 concerts this spring.

We went and saw The Killers on Friday night. It was super fun! I love this band, as much, if not more than PB. It was a great night. The music, the people ( median age 33) there were way more cocktails flowing than beer. I stuck to the bottled water. It was a good vintage.

I totally got a workout at the concert. There is no way you can just stand there, I had to dance. The dancing was fun, the jumping- not so much. It seems that when you are almost 11 weeks pregnant, there is some trickle action if you should jump around too much. After that , both feet on the floor.


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