Monday, December 29, 2008

I hate commercials

You know the one, it comes on every night during the news.
Erectile Dysfunction.

This morning C says he needs to talk. He wants to know why the commercial says to "see a doctor if an erection lasts more than 4 hours"?
"Well..." I start to explain.
C- "I mean, I get nervous when mine last longer than 4 minutes."
I literally spewed coffee all over the kitchen. Had to clean coffee off everything. That is why I hate ED commercials.

I know, I know

I totally suck at keeping up with my blog lately.

We have all been busy with the Holidays, give me a break girls!

Paint boy knows my track record of Holiday projects.
Christmas 2004- built screened porch
Thanksgiving 2005- built in closet
Christmas 2005- painted master bath
Spring Break 2007- remodeled boys bathroom

All he had to say,"So what are you going to do this week?"
Can you say Paint?
Yes, boys and girls, I am already tired of the Master bath color. Never, ever paint a bathroom red. Real Red. No matter how well it matches the vintage quilt on your bed that week.

This time its a lovely color called Drizzle. A slight blue green, with a touch of gray to give depth.
It only took 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint to make the red go away!

3 days of torture followed up every evening with dinner with visiting relatives.
From Boston.
That we see once a year.
They serve cranberry sauce as a condiment.
With every meal.
Not Kidding.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Worst Birthday ever.

Yesterday was the Big day. I have reached my mid-thirties. I remember my Mom being in her mid-thirties, I can't possibly be that old.

Woke up at the IL's. (I agreed to go since Paint boy's birthday is today. He is such a Momma's Boy and always celebrates with family.)
MIL made a huge country breakfast- PB's favorite ( he is #1 in his family)
Rushing around for church, no one mentions the birthday. ( I received a text from a good friend, but that's it!)
Come home from church and I am abandoned with my MIL, while PB and the kids go visit an old friend of FIL. (How did that occur? One minute they are there and the next, POOF! MIL and I sit in the same room, reading magazines and making small talk- still no birthday mention.)
Boys all come back and we head out to get lunch. Every restaurant in this tee-tiny town seems to be closed. We end up at Applebee's. (Could have been worse in the land of Fried, Fried and more Fried. But they wish me a Happy Birthday during lunch!)
During lunch J starts to cry. His "little cough" has sprung a fever and full blown strep throat.
We race back to Atlanta. (I am not taking my baby to a doctor in this town. Even my IL's drive 45 minutes to see a doctor.)
I then get to spend 3 hours at Children's Healthcare to find out that "yes, its Strep." (Can't they just have a line for mom's that can self diagnose? Just look at his throat and give me a scrip for Amoxil. I've been down this road a few times.)
We head to Publix. Yeah for free antibiotics!!! Amoxil, Motrin, new toothbrush and we are out of there.
On the way home PB calls to let me know he has taken care of dinner. Taco Bell. (Are you kidding me? In one day I eat at two restaurants that I avoid like the plague .)
I am all done. Next year has got to be better!

No Big Deal...

So we are sitting at dinner discussing the weeks events on Thursday night.

J is super excited because Friday was "Polar Express" day. You got to wear pajamas to school and drink hot chocolate. They showed the movie on a Big screen in the gym to all the first graders. Classic day in 6 year old land!

C was feeling pretty good himself. He said he had "mid-terms" but they "were no big deal."
Hair girl-"Excuse me? Mid terms occur in the middle of the term. Do you have finals??!?"
C-"Uh,maybe?" ( turning white)
Paint boy- "Have you been reviewing in classes all week? Have your teachers mentioned study guides? Have you lost your mind?" (Growing redder by the moment)
C- (deathly pale, just might pass out from fear, totally stammering) "I think I might head upstairs to study. Tomorrow I have Science, Geography and writing tests. Yeah, I think I'll go study now."
PB- " Good choice, son"

Bless his heart. Sometimes that elevator doesn't go all the way to the top. Especially when there is a sale on the phone calls and girlfriend floor.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

Every year during the Holidays we take the boys to a musical. This year Beauty and the Beast. It was Fantastic! All local performers, so lots of families and friends in the audience.

After the show they came out to greet the "fans"!
J REALLY wanted to meet Belle. He was sooo shy. I had to talk him into just saying "hi".
C ran around and got everyone's autograph. He is convinced that one day he is going to sell all the autographs he has collected on E-bay. He's all about the cash!

The boys enjoyed the music and the performers, but none more so than Belle. According to C, "she was very talented and kinda' hot."
I will only worry if he starts sneaking the Disney DVD into his room.
ETA- Yes, the date stamp says 9/12. These shots were taken by Nana Judy. Guess what she's getting for Christmas?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy boys!

Friday night was Little Lawyer's (Lawyer's wife's oldest son) Birthday party. The boys were going to camp out and roast marshmallows. They were so sweet to offer to let J have a sleep over with Little Mister. Mommy didn't want to be left out either so the party kept growing.
It became a HUGE spend the night.
8- 12 year old boys
4- 5-7 year old boys
1- 4 year old Babycakes
Lawyer's wife, Clemson girl, and me.

I laughed so hard that night that I snorted wine into my lungs. I don't think I will breathe right until Spring! Seriously, tears were streaming down my cheeks.

These are all things I learned-
*if you play Scrabble with those Lawyer and Lawyer's wife, be prepared to get cremated.
* just try to challenge Clemson girl, she makes up words that are real words! She may not know the definition but its a real word some where.
*Russian, french and polish words don't count. hee,hee
*LW can have all vowels and still find words to make.
*Tarn is the dirty word when you drop an f-bomb in the same sentence. Just sayin'.
* Ubiquitous is the biggest word ever made.
* Parents really do know that their kids are weird. I mean really weird, even the 5 year old noticed.

Baking- round 1

I was so busy, as we all are this time of year, but add on to the normal stress with 400 clients all wanting to look fantastic for their own festivities.
I decided to decompress last Monday. I did all the usual Monday chores- Laundry, bathing the dogs, general straightening up of life. Then I sat down with my cookbooks and made my lists.

COOKIES! I love to bake. This year I am adding to the usual sugar cookies with: macaroons, chocolate snow top cookies, rugelach and 2 types of fudge.
I got busy. While one dough was chilling, I made the next. While decorating one, I melted chocolate for another. I had an assembly line going.

The Rugelach turned out great- apricot and raspberry! My favorite. So easy with a secret that I found in a magazine this year. They have been my favorite cookie for a long time, but too much trouble to make very often. This trick will change all that.
The Snow tops were missing something, namely the nuts which my boys dislike. They needed something. They turned out so pretty, but beauty was only skin deep. They will be trashed before today is over-1 week and you are out of here. I thought they were dry and boring. Not my recipe, so, Oh well!
The Macaroons turned out fantastically. This year I added almond paste and they were so yummy. After sending a bag home with friends and taking some to the salon- they are all gone. I may have to revisit them again.
The fudge (chocolate marshmallow and peanut butter) is sitting in the fridge taunting me. I am encouraging everyone to eat it and I am sending it to all the neighbors. It made way too much!

This week will bring sugar cookies and jam thumbprints from Ida Garten. Her recipe is the absolute best. I'll let you know how baking round 2 turns out!

Party of the year

Last week was too busy for words, hence no posts!

The first Friday of December always brings the "Party of the year!" The Lawyer's Wife June Cleaver, Ms.Content and Sporty Spice throw this party together. It is always super fun. They don't hold back. Great Food, Great bar, Great people. This year they really blew out all the stops- they hired a band. No lie, Tom Petty in miniature was on guitar.

Ms. C, June, Sporty and me- as you can see, I am the short friend! They were all so cute carrying the wine or martini glasses that I gave each for their birthdays.

Me, Clemson girl and our friend, the FL girl.

Lawyer's Wife and her "shopping" wine glass. That girl can find a deal!

Paint Boy and me at the end of the evening after MUCH dancing.

Clemson and I totally glowing after all the dancing, sweet tea cocktails and laughter!
I had a fantastic time and I hope they have that band reserved for next year...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Should you happen to visit a salon and have bowel issues, please clean your mess up in the bathroom.
Do NOT leave your poo for my assistant to clean! (she will now receive a poo bonus)
Do NOT place your pink granny panties on the top of the trash, at least bury them deep under the paper towels.
Do NOT put your poo-ie pants in my dryer to dry them out, with my clean towels that now must be rewashed 14 times!
Do NOT walk around the salon in your knee highs and flats with a smock against your bare butt! (I will burn said smock.)
Last but not least, please let your stylist know that any of the above has happened and not let it be a surprise for everyone!
Your $50 tip is NOT enough!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving, post 3

The rest of the family came in Thanksgiving morning. We were now 8 adults, 2 kids and 4 dogs. Yep, my step brother brought his Lab! There were way too much dog hair floating around. It was rolling across the floor and overtaking slow moving people. It was BAD.

We started on our annual Uno competition. 5 hours later we finished. Thank goodness for Firefly Vodka. 6 adults and 2 children should not play Uno. In 5 hours we completed 6 rounds. It was painful. J made it through 2 hands before the tears started. Bless his heart, my step mother's family are ruthless Uno Players!

The boys helped Papa J cook.

snapping fresh green beans

licking the spoon

Jake the Boxer wanted some too. My dad's dogs are the biggest beggars.

While cooking,I realized that my dad was making a LOT of food.
Me- Are you cooking for an army?
Dad- No, just the Navy. ( step-brother is a Navy pilot)
Me- Really, Dad. How much leftovers do you need?
Dad- There are going to be 18 of us.
Me- What??!?
Dad- I invited the neighbors!
Oh, damn. I drive 6 hours to see my father and he invites the whole damn neighborhood to dinner. Figures! He's all about a party, must be where I get it from...

Thanksgiving, post 2

My Dad and his wife LOVE dogs!
They have had a number over the years. This year they had a Boxer and an American Huskie. They invited us to bring Lucy. She is not a big deal to travel with, she weighs 7 pounds. They loved her, she tolerated them.

While discussing their dogs over breakfast, we found out that they had buried their Cocker Spaniel behind the fence in September. (there is a green space behind their yard) We were not really sorry to see Bear go. He was the meanest dog. C has a scar on his nose to prove it!

While burying Bear my dad realized that this was going to be a big hole and he was going to have to keep the animals away. He decided to pour Quikcrete over the bag to keep the dog safe. While discussing all of this with my step mother; they decided that since her mother had never said what to do with her ashes they would "dispose" of them here.
You got it-
They mixed Grandma in with the Quikcrete!

Not to worry they covered them both with stones and made to tiny markers.
The worst part of this story is that the woman HATED that dog!

Thanksgiving, post 1

We headed down to Tallahassee to visit my Dad.
Papa J was determined that we were going to eat when we arrived. Its a 5 hour trip (with NO traffic) and we left at 4:30, so under the best circumstances it would be 9:30. We rolled into his driveway at 11pm.
What was waiting on us? A BIG pan of Lasagna and lots of wine.
I actually had to eat lasagna at 11:00 at night to make my father happy.
BTW, there is a "clean plate club" even at my age. I am not kidding. I got yelled at last year for "wasting" spaghetti.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Say what?

J was having a hard morning and needed lots of "encouragement" to get a move on.
After the 14th time of asking him to brush his teeth and get dressed and be nice to his brother and to stop crying over everything, he looked at me and said "If you would be nicer to me it would be easier for me to have a good day." Um,okay. I got told by a six year old.

C was cleaning his room and listening to the radio during all of this.
He comes into my room and says, "Mom, what's an orgasm?"
Me- "excuse me?"
C- "An orgasm, there was a lady on the radio saying that when she does jumping jacks she has an orgasm"
Me- "ummmm, (thinking that I need her trainer)well its sexual."
C- "ohhhhhh, you mean like when a guy, ummm, yeah, umm. Good to know. Okay." and he walks out of my room.

Wow, that was huge.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Big Bargains

Nana Judy and I headed out for our big day of shopping on Saturday morning. The goal for the day was to finish Christmas! And of course to get the best bargains available.
Lawyer's Wife has a theory that regardless of what the tag says, when its on sale at Macy's it will ring up $12. So very true!
All weekend when you used your Macy's card you got an extra 10-20% off. This was on top of the sale or clearance price. Can you say "SHOPPING!!?!"
C wanted a leather motorcycle jacket, 40% off then another 20%. It was so cheap that I was able to get one for J and still saved $5 off the original price. crazy!
Abercrombie kids had everything marked down too. C is very label conscious as most teenagers are. I refuse to pay that much for a tshirt or a hoodie, it has to be on sale. We found some serious bargains. Its going to be a very Abercrombie Christmas for that kid. J is finally big enough to fit in the smallest size. He is going to get his first Abercrombie fix. He has been begging forever, I hope he is excited to be the proud owner of a hoodie.

I finished my list, including the stockings. I even helped Nana pick out everything for the kids and we shopped for my aunt. She hates to shop, we are supposed to buy what she needs and take it to her so she can see it and stick it in a bag. Merry Christmas!

Do you know the best part of this?
I have wrapped everything that was purchased yesterday! Wrapped, bowed, stacked in a corner until the decorations go up.

I saw the funniest sign on a landscape/nursery store- Permanent trees and wreaths 20% off. Not Artificial, permanent. I love it!

Not again

So I was finishing up wrapping presents (more on that later)and I showed Paint Boy the cute tags on the packages. I love them, they are "Big and bold", I say.
Paint boy follows up with, "its not the only thing that's Big and uhhhh..."
"You are not allowed to say that anything is big, heavy, large, whatever. I only gets me in trouble!"

You think?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


my free weekend!
Yep, that's right. Paint boy and the kids are heading to his parents for the weekend.
I am the total winner here!
No Husband!
No kids!
No IL's!
'Cause I'm free to do what I want any 'ol time!

I am going to have dinner on Friday night with friends. (I just have to figure out who I like enough to spend my special night. hee,hee)
On Saturday, Nana Judy has pencilled me in on her calendar. It's officially "Hair Girl day". We are starting off our day with a ton of Christmas shopping. I will be completed by the end of Saturday if it kills me.
We will eat what ever we can scavenge while on the gift hunt. Then we have massages scheduled at 4:30. Its a perfect day!
BTW, while discussing our massages today, Nana said that she had a "couple of gift certificates" that we could use.
HG-Okay, great! But how many?
NJ-(pulling out a stack that equals everyone that I have given her in the last 2 years) Enough!
HG- Mom, you always get excited when we give you these. Why haven't you used them?
NJ-I am always excited, because eventually you will offer to take me and I can spend the day with just you.
HG- Well, we could do that any time. (feeling guilty)
NJ- No, we are both too busy, we have to make plans and write it on my calendar.
HG-Let's look at your calendar and we will schedule another day.
NJ- Mmmm, I think I can work you in at the end of January. Smiling and not kidding

So this means that in a convoluted way I paid for my massage 2 years ago!
Also, that my mom is very busy taking care of 2 sets of church friends, my aunt, my boys and all the assorted charities for whom she volunteers. She has been trying to become a substitute teacher now that she's retired, but she can't find the time. She should have been using the Gift Certificates for massages.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Big Thanks...

to all my Bloggie friends!
Y'all have sent the good karma my way. I am almost completely booked until Thanksgiving. Only 3 slots left. It is also filling up fast in December. Think good thoughts, ask and you shall receive,etc.
Clemson girl tells a story about being told to "write it down and mail it to yourself".(Truly hilarious) Its supposed to come true. Hey, whatever works. I wrote it here and y'all answered!

Remember, its "Great in '08, but its going to be Fine in '09!"

PTA update

I never knew there could be this much drama.
After I worked my butt off yesterday to get the stupid flier distributed for the Holiday Market, I got a phone call.

Her (chair of the fun run, that is happening on the same day)- Are you busy?
Me- no, just wandering around Garden Ridge. (avoiding the rain)
Her- So I found a flier in my son's Backpack today. I want an explanation!
Me- Did the President not call you? At the Board meeting, we voted to have the Market and Elf shop.
Her-No, she didn't. I told you both that I didn't want a "fundraiser" to mess up MY community event.
Me- Well ,we need funds. So it was cookie dough or this. The Board voted to do this.
Her- I don't like people talking about me and my event when I am not there. (she is supposed to come to board meetings)
Me- It was in the agenda, so we discussed it.
Her- I am not happy. I need to call the President! Someone has to answer for this!
Me- Here's her cell xxx. I look forward to talking more later.

So I get home and there is a very hateful email about how she has run political events in New Hampshire, raised tons of money and doesn't want to deal with money anymore; how people should not talk about behind her back and how over all of us she is.
Great, just great.

I have decided to go back to the Junior League next year rather than deal with all this.

ETA- So crazy lady must have taken her meds this morning, because I just got another email. She is apologizing for acting crazy and going off the deep end.
Here is the last line of the email-"I think the world of you and am awed by your commitment to both your professional life and to XXX elementary school."
Did I mention that we have spoken less than a dozen times? That we have been face to face twice? Who blew sunshine up her butt this morning? She must be close to overdosing on her happy pills.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Should you decide to chair an event and come up with a "great idea", do not pass it off to me. I have my own stuff. I will take care of it 'cause that's the type girl I am, but don't have anymore ideas.

If a flier needs to go home on Friday and I am working, do not approve it on Friday morning and expect me to be able to "work it out". 1100 copies do not make themselves. Nor, do they count themselves in stacks of 20 for the teacher's mailboxes.

If I say I will have to leave by a certain time, please stop saying,"one more thing..." I don't have time, clients are waiting. Put it in an email, at least I can hit delete.

BTW, buy a new cardigan! I am tired of looking at the same 5 pink ones that you wear as your "signature".
I feel better.
Just so you know, the Junior League is WAY more organized than the PTA ever wanted to be!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

No you didn't.

Paint boy is totally one of the husbands that makes everything a sexual innuendo. Even after 16 years together he still "likes" me, "really likes" me.

That said, on to the story.

We are standing in the kitchen tonight, discussing whether C is still dating his girlfriend. He asked me if they were "hot and heavy".
Me- "No, I think they broke up."
PB- "that's good. He's only 12."
Me- "yeah. (my mind is on finishing dinner)
PB- " The only one Hot and Heavy around here is you."
PB-" That didn't come out right, did it?"
Me- "Not so much."
PB- "Um, yeah, sorry. Stammering I meant you were hot, you know, hot. Not heavy, like fat, just hot. Just..."
Me- "stop talking, just go set the table."
Pb- "good idea."

First of the year

I saw my first Christmas decorations of the year, going up on a building in town.

Its very exciting, all of the local events are getting underway.
There is an old theater in the Square that has been in horrible shape, several local leaders led the charge to renovate it and bring back the glory to that corner.
The Strand is almost finished after years of fundraising and renovations.
The Atlanta Lyric Theater company is going to put on productions there, starting with Beauty and The Beast. The first curtain rises on Friday December 5th. Tickets are very reasonable and they are abundant. On the site you can see the floor plan and choose your seats (not just what's "best"). I was able to get seats on the fourth row for Saturday 12/13!
What child wouldn't love the magic of Beauty and the Beast? What adult?
Run, don't walk to the Strand for the Event of the Season!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feeling better,BUT...


Thank you for all the well wishes, they must have worked. Either that or the antibiotics I have been on for 4 days!

The only thing that is still sick is my business. It has a bad case of the sluggish.

Usually this time of year I can barely breathe getting everyone beautified for the holidays. This year, not so much.

I haven't been this slow in about 10 years. Way back when I went out on a limb and opened my own salon.

I am now issuing an order- GO GET YOUR HAIR DONE!

Colored, cut, the works.

Your Stylist needs to eat too!

She has presents for her kids to buy!

You know you don't want to show up at Thanksgiving with roots. Aunt Sally will say something. We don't want that now do we?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dying, truly dying

So last week was June Cleaver's Birthday. We have celebrated that girl's birthday every year like its the BIG one. She loves a party and likes to make a week of it!
A group of us went out on Friday night. I was feeling great. I rode to the restaurant with JC's best friend, that was trying to rally out of her cold and Lawyer's Wife, who's kid's have pneumonia.
Can you see where this is going?
I woke up Saturday and thought,"I didn't drink that much, how can I feel this bad?"
I am Dying.
Since Saturday morning I have been vertical for about 8 hours.
This includes the 3 hours at church where I taught Sunday school. Yes, I taught a bunch of 6 year olds and yes, I hope they get sick. There are too many of them every week. 14 is too many, most classes average 6-8. I average 12-16. I am the craft queen, they don't want to miss a project. A nice cold could widdle out the stragglers.

I am now at work infecting my clients. They complain too much if I cancel them. They all can see that I am sick, they don't seem to care. One did offer to "let me go home, when I finished her." Nice, huh?
I am going to have to start injecting food, like Madonna. I can't breathe and chew at the same time.
I know this post rambles.

I am high on cold medicine.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

We need help...

with the Big Thank You Project!

A local radio station sent thousands of letters to our military over seas last year. This year they are trying to have a MILLION messages by Thanksgiving.They will play every thirty seconds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Imagine what it must be like to be separated from your family during the Holidays. This will help both the service people and all the family that they have left here.
It will only take you 2 seconds to fill out the form. Please do it as many times as you can. Every time you sign into your blog, send a message.
If you Post this on your blog and leave me a message, I will send you a special treat. Remember that I am a Hair Girl and I have access to good stuff.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Swap Time!

One of my favorite people is hosting a swap!
Head on over to Clemsongirl's blog and sign up. It's super easy , no major theme, just Christmas.
Sign up ends Monday, so don't wait.

ETA-Okay girlies, we are up to 37 people in the swap. Keep adding those names. Lets make this A LOT of work for our Clemson Girl!

Monday, November 3, 2008

PTA ownership

I am just saying that if you sign up to chair an event, don't think that you own the day. Should another committee choose to do something in conjunction or if the Foundation chooses to hold an event, YOU DO NOT get to take your toys and go home.
We are ALL trying to make the school a better place.
You may have issues with "Fundraising" but its necessary to pay for "your" community event.
I am not asking for your help.
This was your idea in the first place. You asked me to help you!
I will not even enter your event, because I will be holding mine. And let me tell you I will be holding my event, because I don't want to have to sell another d@mn thing (cookie dough included).

There, now that the PSA is over-

Isn't the weather glorious? I am basking in the 70 degree days.
I hope you understand a little rant now and then. ta ta!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My family loves Halloween! It has everything to do with dressing up and playing a part. The boys get to choose their costumes with the only condition being that it can't be too scary.

This year J was a knight (check out the "Go-T" he spelled it for me). His costume always revolves around the weapon.
C was a vigilante from "V for Vendetta". Yeah, I didn't know what that was either, but as you can see, pretty harmless.

C had issues with the pumpkin bag that he has carried for years. He decided he would carry a pillowcase.
Um, not so much.
I decided to make it less ghetto by making him carry a jack-o-lantern one that Nana Judy made. The cool factor was zero.

Ding, dong. Trick or treat? racking up the candy.

As you can see from their loot; our neighbors pass out good candy. Everybody gives choices, my boys always go for the M&M's. The fewer Reese's Peanut butter cups the better.(I eat those!)
Nana Judy and I sat in the driveway and passed out glow sticks, pencils, tattoos and of course candy!
I have decided -
that if you can't walk in high heels, you shouldn't be wearing them at 13! Also if its 50 degrees outside you shouldn't be dressed as a hooker. Now you are a hobbling hooker!
if you can't tell me what you are, you don't get candy. No costume, No treats!
that everything is better with Firefly Sweet tea. (but we already knew that!)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am a rocket scientist.

When I say something I mean it.

I was changing the blade on my razor, during a haircut, and said," I'd better be careful before I cut my thumb off." Well, of course I cut my thumb.
A 2 inch gash. not cool.

I called my doctor, "We don't do stitches."
What the hell do you "do"?

So I drove myself to the ER.

I checked in and right behind me was the token "Hacker". You know the one, she has some contagious disease that they call the CDC in to evaluate. She is barking like a dog!

I finally get a curtain (with the hacker right next door) and the doctor comes in.

7 stitches later and 6 VERY painful shots, including a tetanus, I am finally finished.

It is an all time record- 2 and 1/2 hours in and out of the ER!

I am now consuming massive quantities of Advil and Wine. Hair girl's kind of drugs!

Just so you know, I am working tomorrow- this Hair girl rocks!

4th and 4th- Tag you're it!

Mom on the Run tagged me to pull the 4th picture from the 4th folder and tell you about it.

C and Nana Judy-this is a picture from C's birthday dinner. They are so close, he was the only grandchild for 6 years.
We are so happy to have Nana live here in town. She picks the boys up every Wednesday after school for dinner and fun. Nana also is available for babysitting duty any weekend for us or our friends. Nana Judy Rocks!

I tag-
Card girl
Mad about Plaid
Peyton Place

Okay girlies, go to your picture file and select the 4th folder. Now find the 4th picture. Tell us about it!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Too cute.

Check out this adorable little boy.

His parents are super creative. I wish he lived in my neighborhood.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

For real...

This is Lawyer's wife and Tahoe Girl at my annual Costume party. They are HOT!!!

Tahoe girl and I go back to college! I am not lying, she was friends with a girl that was best friends with one of my roommates.
Are you following me here?!!?
Tahoe, Paint boy and I knew each other 17 years ago.

We connected again through June and Lawyer's wife. One night a strange woman walks up to me and says, " Did you go to Southern? I would recognize your voice anywhere." That was it. we connected.

I am happy that we can be friends as adults. We are way cooler as adults.
Hello, who can pull off Jane Fonda after 3 children? Tahoe Girl, that's who!!!