Sunday, August 31, 2008

It was so easy

I am sooo excited!

I finally found five minutes to create a signature!
Thank you, thank you Sasha!

The world according to 6 year olds

Today in Sunday school we were singing "Jesus loves Me". One little boy piped up,"I hate that song!"
Yikes! We kept on singing as he plugged his ears with his fingers.

He "hated" everything that we did today. Every story, every art project, every song. Everything.

Later, during project time, we were all talking about which school everyone attended. By far, they all went to public schools. (We are blessed with a fabulous school system!) "Ear plugger" let us all know that he goes to a Christian school so that he is around only "good kids".

It seems the Christian education hasn't soaked in yet.

I've got a lot of work to do...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

No, you didn't??!?

Standing in line today, trying to buy a new grill at Lowe's, I was accosted by a Russian Grandma.
I am not just saying that she screamed at me to "Buy something or get out of the way!" She didn't just use the huge trash can, that she wanted to purchase, to push me out of the way. She started cussing at me, in a foreign language, in front of my children and all the workers.
I have never been so mad or shocked in my life!

Paint boy came to defend my honor and all he got was an earful of Russian old people, who left with a parting shot of, "You a f'ing redneck!"

He said I should have punched her, but I couldn't hit a grandma. Even an evil one.

Friday, August 29, 2008

The best sweet tea!

Once upon a time Sasha told me about some sweet tea that I thought I should try. After an exhaustive search and no luck, I discovered that it was no longer distributed in GA.

I was so very sad not being able to consume my favorite beverage in alcohol form.

Well, what did my big 'ol eyes spot today???

FIREFLY Sweet Tea Vodka!

Firefly Vodka currently distributes to South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, Kentucky, and New York.

If you live in one of these states, run, don't walk to the closest store and pick up a bottle. Don't forget the lemonade, it makes a perfect mixer.

I am sitting here, sipping out of my tervis and everything is right with the world.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Teresa redo

Do you remember my issues with Teresa at the local Mexican place? Paint boy and I eat there about every 2 weeks. Teresa has not been our server since the dreaded night earlier this summer. Well tonight all that changed...

Do you know that she wanted to confirm my order again tonight, tapping the menu and all? Steak burrito, I even pointed at the picture.

Cheese quesadilla? Yep, wanted confirmation on that too. I guess that's a hard one and people send them back if she doesn't tap the menu.

I need my personal space with my Mexican servers.

I'll request Tony next time, he knows how I like my margaritas.

Daddy Drama

Today was Nana Judy's day to pick up J from school, but since Nana is in Boston visiting my Uncle Minister; Paint boy had to do 2 days in a row. (I work late on Tuesday and Wednesday, which gives me a 3 day weekend.)

When it's Daddy's day, I am often regaled with "WWF on Play station" stories. Today, they played for so long that their hands were getting tired. Paint boy finally pinned J and all heck broke loose. J does NOT like to lose. AT ALL.

J-screaming- I am so mad at you. GRRRRRRRR ( he growls when angry)

Pb- Sorry, buddy. We can play again.

J-Screaming- I really want to call you a bad name, but I am going to get in BIG trouble if I do.

Pb- A BAD name?

J-still screaming- Yeah, a "fire in the mouth" kind of name.

Pb- That bad? Wow, I guess you are on restriction for a week for talk like that.

J- WHAT??!!?? I didn't even say it.

Pb- But you thought it, so one week.

J- crying and walking to his room- I should have said it then...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rain, rain, go away...

It is raining and has been for 2 days. It was overcast and yucky for several days before that. I live in the South, we are in a drought and do not have weather like this. Thank you Fay.

I decided that my mood needed a little brightening up. Kelly green will go a long way in making me smile. This is me today-

Kelly green shrug and white tee from Ann Taylor Loft

Navy ruffle skirt from Target

Green patent leather-ish flats from Payless

I am going to be happy despite the weather!How can you be sad in green patent-ish flats?

Y'all have a great day and stay dry.

Monday, August 25, 2008

How big was our house?

Or how messy?

We decided to do a BIG purge on the boys bedrooms. J has out grown a LOT of his toys and C need to pass down some things to J.

I like to give them the option of what goes.

J really got into the clean out. He kept saying that he was making room for Christmas presents!

After 6 large trash bags and a 3 foot stack of games and puzzles; we were finished with the toys. The boy decided he was too old for playdoh, only needed 17,000 Match box cars and was over dinosaurs. I think I shed a few tears carrying the bags from his room, he is my baby. But a happy dance soon followed, because everything is SO clean!

We are just getting to the clothes. Thank goodness for my nephews. We sent 4 large bags of hand-me-downs to them yesterday. Is it wrong that I don't send the really nice items to my nephew between C and J? I always feel like I don't get the good stuff back or its totally worn out. He is so rough on clothes.

The boys think we "need to have a yard sale and make some cash". I think NOT. A nice drive by at Good Will is in Paint boy's future.

ETA- I got inspired and cleaned out my closet again! 2 more trash bags of clothes to donate. All of it Fall and Winter. I figured if I don't want to wear it 5 months after the last opportunity, I am not going to want to wear it. More chances to buy new clothes!

The world according to 6 year olds

Yesterday in Sunday school we read the Rainbow Fish. This story talks about sharing our gifts with others. We gave all the kids shimmery scales to wear home, so they could tell their parents about the message.
Where do you think these stickers ended up? Large 2"x2" silver scales on their foreheads. It looked great with all the smocking.

During church the choir sang a beautiful hymn that they have done a few times. It is always warmly received. About half the choir held their sheet music in folders, the rest must have had it memorized. J leaned over and said, "So are the people with notebooks new? Or did they not do their homework?"

at least he was paying attention

Friday, August 22, 2008

Its time for a new grill

Over our grilled salmon tonight, Paint boy and I were discussing out plans for the weekend.
Mine involved the typical errands; returning a few internet purchases, Barnes and Noble, dry cleaners and Target. Paint boy is at the Gallery on Saturdays and then wants to stay and paint, etc.

He also thinks that we need a new grill. After cooking on our grill most nights (rain or shine) for the past three years, he wants to upgrade. I think we should wait until after Labor day, when they go on sale.

We are finished with dinner and the boys were cleaning off the table when C screams, FIRE!! Paint boy is laughing as he heads out the back door, he left the grill on to burn off the salmon yuck. He thinks they are over reacting.

Not so much.

Where once stood a stainless steel grill with marinade dripped down the side, is now a flaming ball of grease. With a propane tank attached to it and a spare tank for good measure. (You never want to run out of gas)

Holy Shi-ot!!!

Paint boy finally got the fire out, the paint is bubbled and cracked. The rest is warped and blackened. The thermometer is melted at 1000 degrees. Not his finest moment.

Thank the Lord, that my house didn't burn down and that the propane tanks didn't blow up.

All that he could say was, "I guess I'll go buy that grill tomorrow."

Monday, August 18, 2008


While working at the school today, (its wrapping paper time!) I stopped and had lunch with J. He has a phenomenal teacher and a great class. There are 10 boys in his class and 7 girls. The girls are very quiet and the boys are super charming. They are hilarious and I was having a good time getting to know them...


from the other end of the table...

I hear...

"EEEWWWW!!! That's GROSS!"

"He just licked his SHOE!"

"And not the top, he licked the bottom of his shoe!"

Why, you might ask, would a child lick the bottom of his shoe?

"Just to see how it tasted."

The world according to 6 year olds

I am now teaching 1st grade Sunday school. I love it!

The other teacher is the Children's Minister's wife. She used to teach school before she decided to stay home and have babies. She teaches the lesson and I am crafts. We are a power team!

This weeks lesson was on Worry- we should trust God to Handle things.
When we worry, we are telling God that we don't trust him to handle things. I love this advice and am trying to live by this message.

During our lesson we talked about things the kids worry about-
getting in trouble
getting lost
getting hurt
spiders (J)
my house burning down (yikes) and the alarm going off, 'cause it's loud.

and my favorite- I am not worried about any of that stuff; I just worry that I am not getting dessert!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

2nd day, 3rd day

So far, J LOVES 1 st grade.

Every night he comes home and reports on the days activities- how many times they got to go outside, what was for lunch and who got in trouble.

On Tuesday
J-"Ms.R asked me to go to the back of the line today"

Me-"She did,why?"

J-"Well, I was talking in the hall."

Me-"J, its the second day of school and you already got in trouble."

J-"No, she wasn't mad. She just asked me to go to the back of the line. She's really nice."

Me- "Were you upset?"

J- "Nope, I hadn't talked to that girl yet. So I just whispered to her."

Wednesday we had another issue with talking to a new friend. I hope by today he has met everyone in the class.

I just don't know where they get this from. Nana Judy says its the "Sins of the the mother, being revisited on the sons"!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where have I been?!??

I know you all are asking yourselves,"Where did Hair girl go?"

Let me do a 2 week recap-

*I had to fire one of my nail techs
*I am the Fundraising chair for the PTA
*I have volunteered to teach 1st grade Sunday School
*We are finishing up the remodel on the salon
*School started yesterday

I will start with the firing.

Due to the remodel on the salon, we are changing out all the yucky, fluorescent lighting. Here come the can lights and track lights! I needed to take down a white ceiling fan that was in the pedicure area.
Paint boy called me on Wednesday night and I wrote a Post-it to remind myself to talk to the Nail Tech in the am. I wrote "Fan going bye-bye".
Nail Tech got to work early on Thursday and went Spider Monkey crazy!
She was stomping around the salon screaming at everyone. I walked in the door and she went off on me.

"IF THE FAN GOES, I GO," she screeched.
"All righty then," was all I could think to say, as I was surrounded by clients.

You did read that correctly, there were clients in the salon!

"We'll talk about this later."

I said "no" just to shut her up.

My client that was being shampooed came to my chair, totally embarrassed. She and her mother are clients of the Nail Tech and myself. Her only comments, "Wow, nothing like an ultimatum to start off your day. I guess I need to find someone else to do my toes." Oh, Sh!t.

I was so mad that it was hard to finish out my day. After work I blew off all my errands and went to lunch and shopping. Retail Therapy always helps!

Needless to say, I tried calling the Nail Tech all day on Friday to "discuss" the situation. No return calls. I had to send her an email to move her stuff out. I know super lame to fire someone by email, but she wouldn't return my call and I wanted her crap out before Tuesday.

Do you know she took everything when she cleared out but the d@mn fan!

100th Post

Happy 100 to me,
Happy 100 to me
I have made it to 100
and am busy as a bee!