Friday, January 2, 2009

3rd ring of Hell

"I'm goin' straight to Hell, just like my momma saaaid. I'm goin' straight to hell."
If you went to college in the South you know that song like the back of your hand. Thank you Drivin' and Cryin' for many a sing along in the bars. Seriously people, I think they may still be playing the college bar scene!

I am headed today to Hell.
Yes, that's right. Gatlinburg, TN.
I know that some of you love the quaint little village.
Love the outlet shopping.
Love the "dinner shows".
Love the go carts and the putt-putt.

I do not share the love.
I am going to a large cabin with my husband's family.
12 IL's and NO alcohol.
Its all I'm sayin', pure Hell.

ETA- I am still sitting here blogging at 11 am. I haven't packed the first thing and the SUV will roll out of the driveway at 12:30. A little passive aggressive this morning???


Natalie said...

IL's are the reason they invented the flask.

The Major's Wife said...

oh my, I think you need a few flasks for this trip!!!!!!

The Lawyer's Wife said...

Don't know that song either ... and no I can not hum it!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Love me some drivin' & cryin'! One time we saw Kevin Kenney pass out while performing. Somebody woke him up & he continued. Too funny!

The wife said...

Being that I attend the CofC I know this song very well and lady, you are on a bullet train to the inner depths of hell with all the in-laws and no Gatlinburg no less. At least it will make for some great blog posts later!!

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

Love that song. And I'm laughing at your post. My parents live near there and we go to Gatlinburg to get candy or go to the Pancake Pantry b/c Gatlinburg is pancake country babbbyy! Find a starbucks with wifi and hide out! and all I can say about inlaws is GOOD LUCK!

Julie said...

G'burg is the armpit of the Smokies. Make sure you go to a "show" where you can eat nasty food while live animals prance around near said food!