Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who's sleepy?

I picked Jack up from school today and I was immediately informed that it was "Jumpits" day.

You know the event. A jumpy place with 4000 smelly kids and 2000 parents standing around chit chatting. The school will get $1 for every kid that shows up. I would rather send the school $20 rather than go to this "special night".

Jack started begging immediately.
"Please, you never take me."
"I'm the only one in my class that isn't going to be there."
"We never do anything fun."
By this time, he is in tears.

I am trying not to laugh at the insanity in the back seat and explain that Mommy is very tired. His response to this-"Do you think that I'm NOT tired after being at school all day!"
That would be why we aren't going... Just sayin'.


Mom on the Run said...

Two words. Skate Night. I feel your pain. I used to make DOTR take them to Sparkles and they knew if he couldn't take them, they were SOL!

So jumpy fun is the new skate night. Who knew. I'm really out of the elementary loop here.

Mommy needs her rest!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

I freaking HATE the jumpy place.

And the bowling alley.

And Chuck E. Cheese.

Just saying.

Jillian, Inc said...

Sadly (or maybe not) I'd rather throw a $20 or a $50...or sometimes even a $100 than buy cheap crap sold door-to-door, or go to the jumpy place. My (then) 2yo had a "fundraising" packet in his cubby at preschool and I promptly walked it to the front desk and announced he wouldn't be fundraising until he was old enough to drive himself (aka - never). But I TOTALLY remember constantly whining that we never did anything fun when I was a kid. And now I've turned into my mother. hee-hee

The Lawyer's Wife said...

He is the cutest thing going ... those eyebrows speak volumes ...

just let him know this Aunt will take him next time ...

but it will cost him a hug and a kiss!!

e.m. said...

I agree..I think the school should let you just pay whatever and get out of those nights. We are supposed to go to this (no so great)restaurant for pizza night. Not that I don't like pizza.I don't like the guilt from the children who whine when we can't (or won't)go.

Nishant said...

He is the cutest thing going ... those eyebrows speak volumes ...

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