Monday, August 18, 2008

The world according to 6 year olds

I am now teaching 1st grade Sunday school. I love it!

The other teacher is the Children's Minister's wife. She used to teach school before she decided to stay home and have babies. She teaches the lesson and I am crafts. We are a power team!

This weeks lesson was on Worry- we should trust God to Handle things.
When we worry, we are telling God that we don't trust him to handle things. I love this advice and am trying to live by this message.

During our lesson we talked about things the kids worry about-
getting in trouble
getting lost
getting hurt
spiders (J)
my house burning down (yikes) and the alarm going off, 'cause it's loud.

and my favorite- I am not worried about any of that stuff; I just worry that I am not getting dessert!

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Mom on the Run said...

I used to teach first grade Sunday School, but I was the pencil getter and "the enforcer" because my co-teacher was so nice. Me, not so much.

They say some funny stuff, though. No doubt about it!