Thursday, August 14, 2008

2nd day, 3rd day

So far, J LOVES 1 st grade.

Every night he comes home and reports on the days activities- how many times they got to go outside, what was for lunch and who got in trouble.

On Tuesday
J-"Ms.R asked me to go to the back of the line today"

Me-"She did,why?"

J-"Well, I was talking in the hall."

Me-"J, its the second day of school and you already got in trouble."

J-"No, she wasn't mad. She just asked me to go to the back of the line. She's really nice."

Me- "Were you upset?"

J- "Nope, I hadn't talked to that girl yet. So I just whispered to her."

Wednesday we had another issue with talking to a new friend. I hope by today he has met everyone in the class.

I just don't know where they get this from. Nana Judy says its the "Sins of the the mother, being revisited on the sons"!


Anonymous said...

Now that is FUNNY!!!

Mom on the Run said...

Yeah, every one of DOTR's report cards had NI for "controls talking". Saw quite of few of those on everybody's in this house all through elementary school.