Friday, August 22, 2008

Its time for a new grill

Over our grilled salmon tonight, Paint boy and I were discussing out plans for the weekend.
Mine involved the typical errands; returning a few internet purchases, Barnes and Noble, dry cleaners and Target. Paint boy is at the Gallery on Saturdays and then wants to stay and paint, etc.

He also thinks that we need a new grill. After cooking on our grill most nights (rain or shine) for the past three years, he wants to upgrade. I think we should wait until after Labor day, when they go on sale.

We are finished with dinner and the boys were cleaning off the table when C screams, FIRE!! Paint boy is laughing as he heads out the back door, he left the grill on to burn off the salmon yuck. He thinks they are over reacting.

Not so much.

Where once stood a stainless steel grill with marinade dripped down the side, is now a flaming ball of grease. With a propane tank attached to it and a spare tank for good measure. (You never want to run out of gas)

Holy Shi-ot!!!

Paint boy finally got the fire out, the paint is bubbled and cracked. The rest is warped and blackened. The thermometer is melted at 1000 degrees. Not his finest moment.

Thank the Lord, that my house didn't burn down and that the propane tanks didn't blow up.

All that he could say was, "I guess I'll go buy that grill tomorrow."


Card Girl said...

things always seem work out for them.. to their advantage.. SOMEhow. doesnt it seem that way?

Mom on the Run said...

I think they had a boatload of them on sale at Lowe's. We seriously upgraded our grill last year and it's been great. Before DOTR would just get a new cheap one every couple of years.

I'm still waiting for trees to fall on my house so I can go ahead and add a second story, or tear it down and start over (provided I'm not in the bed sleeping when it happens, of course). C'mon Fay, bring that wind and rain.

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

AHHHH! Glad you're OK!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

AHHHH! Glad you're OK!