Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Daddy Drama

Today was Nana Judy's day to pick up J from school, but since Nana is in Boston visiting my Uncle Minister; Paint boy had to do 2 days in a row. (I work late on Tuesday and Wednesday, which gives me a 3 day weekend.)

When it's Daddy's day, I am often regaled with "WWF on Play station" stories. Today, they played for so long that their hands were getting tired. Paint boy finally pinned J and all heck broke loose. J does NOT like to lose. AT ALL.

J-screaming- I am so mad at you. GRRRRRRRR ( he growls when angry)

Pb- Sorry, buddy. We can play again.

J-Screaming- I really want to call you a bad name, but I am going to get in BIG trouble if I do.

Pb- A BAD name?

J-still screaming- Yeah, a "fire in the mouth" kind of name.

Pb- That bad? Wow, I guess you are on restriction for a week for talk like that.

J- WHAT??!!?? I didn't even say it.

Pb- But you thought it, so one week.

J- crying and walking to his room- I should have said it then...


AFRo said...

Poor baby. I agree with him... I would've said it if I was going to pay a week for it. I might would've even said it after the fact, just for good measure.

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

I agree with AFRo. He should've said it. Poor J! I hope he plays paintboy next time and pulls out a can of whoop ass on him! :)

Card Girl said...

why does PB have to win?