Sunday, October 26, 2008

For real...

This is Lawyer's wife and Tahoe Girl at my annual Costume party. They are HOT!!!

Tahoe girl and I go back to college! I am not lying, she was friends with a girl that was best friends with one of my roommates.
Are you following me here?!!?
Tahoe, Paint boy and I knew each other 17 years ago.

We connected again through June and Lawyer's wife. One night a strange woman walks up to me and says, " Did you go to Southern? I would recognize your voice anywhere." That was it. we connected.

I am happy that we can be friends as adults. We are way cooler as adults.
Hello, who can pull off Jane Fonda after 3 children? Tahoe Girl, that's who!!!


High on Hairspray said...

PLEASE send me your address again. I put the wrong address on your package and thank goodness it was not an actual address and was sent back. I am resending it tomorrow. It is packed full of goodies I wanted you to have for your party. I am sooo sorry I am such an idiot. Please forgive me. I really am not this stupid most days.

Tahoe Girl said...

Girl, you are too sweet! I am so glad we have reconnected after all these years! You guys have to come over for dinner very soon!
Thanks again it was a great party!

Mom of One for now said...

Curious... when you say "Did you go to 'Southern'"? Do you mean Ga Southern?