Saturday, October 18, 2008

Has it happened to you?

Okay, so I was having some quiet time with my laptop reading blogs and catching up on facebook.

I check out all the old friends and I see that an ex boyfriend from high school has a new profile picture.
ooooh, he's in baseball pants ( these thing do wonders for a man's butt, ask Clemsongirl, she will back me up)
I can read the name of the team ( I google it.)

Hello, Gay Atlanta Softball League Champions!

I am cracking up and I call to Paintboy that "so and so is gay". Not a big deal, but I did date this boy for a while and it's the first ex that I found out is gay.

C walks into the room- "So Mom, after dating you, this guy decided to be gay?"
Paint boys response-"Nice one."

So I sent one to the other team...he still was working those baseball pants.


AFRo said...

Hair Girl! I feel like it's been too long since I said hello, so I'm stopping in and saying shame on you for sending him to the wrong team. Shame. And I heart baseball pants. Seriously.

Ned said...

Funny, my brothers ex has now come out on the other side and believe me he has been teased....

Mom on the Run said...

The girls in J2's class actually made a facebook group called "I love baseball pants".

And I wouldn't feel too bad about finding out an ex went to play for the other team....think back, wasn't he a fun boyfriend? Two of my closest friends had gay (later) boyfriends and they always say that they always had the best time with them...they liked to do all the same things!

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

Girl, this reminds me of the lyrics "Break on through to the other side"....! HEE

Mom on the Run said...

I was with my friend at MM and didn't want to get into explaining all the "blog stuff" since nobody knows I have a blog.