Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Dog Days of Summer

Today was "Bark in the Park". More or less, bring your dog to the Braves game.

Here we are with Buddy and Lucy, on a huge lawn chair

We went with ACE and Spray boy and their 2 Bassets, Duke and Roscoe. Duke and Buddy are from the same litter.

Buddy was the Welcome wagon. You were not going up the stairs unless you greeted him and gave him a little rub. Who could resist that face?

Lucy was sad she couldn't solo on the National Anthem.

Duke and Roscoe drooling as only a Basset can.

So many cute dogs. I was very impressed with how well behaved they all were. 689 dogs attended the game today, you just needed to watch where you stepped, sometimes the "clean-up crew" was a little slow. A doggie daycare gave out ice water and had misters and baby pools all set up. Different distributors were passing out treats and puppy ice cream. The dogs were treated like royalty.

There were a few dogs that made you feel like this...

Check it out, not even a face a mother could love!
I snapped this shot and Paint boy said, "for the blog, huh?" I was thinking about y'all!

That was an interesting day. Check it off the list, all done.

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Love your hair! You are definately HAIR GIRL!