Monday, September 22, 2008


I had the biggest weekend.

Paint boy and I had Date Night.
First we headed out to Bubbalini's. We had a fantastic dinner of Calamari and Lasagna. YUMMO! There were no children in sight, not ours or anyone else's. It helped we sat in the beautiful bar area.
We have season tickets to The Theater in Square. Friday night was Sherlock Holmes. Funny. It helps that they serve wine. Our tickets guarantee a date night once every 6 weeks.

Saturday brought about errands, laundry and Swirls!
Clemson girl, the Lawyer's Wife and her mom, Nana Judy and I, all headed to Swirls to paint. What a great idea! You bring drinks and snacks, they provide everything else. We were very adventuresome and decided to paint this-

Holy Crap! What were we thinking?

Paintboy asked if it was going to be "paint by number". No way, dude.
Blank canvas.
It's all up to you.

Clemson and me with our blank canvas in the background.

Clemson and Lawyer's wife. They are well on their way.

Ta Da!!!!
Here are the results. Everyone did the same picture, but our own interpretation. SO fun.
We are definitely going back for the holiday pictures.
After drying over night the pictures were even better. The paint seemed to mellow. Either that or they just started to grow on us.
Like mold.

Sunday brought about church, but that is going to get its own post.

And then...

it was time...



Babycakes had her 4th birthday and I was invited to help at the hair station. It was fabulous and the kids had a blast. (Click on the 2 links above for tons of photos.)

In all their dress-up finery.

After everyone left, Babycakes broke out her Birthday loot. All at once.
Cinderella meets Barbie meets every bit of play makeup in the box.

She then went outside and ran over her boyfriend in the Barbie car. The entire time she was laughing uncontrollably as he chased her around the yard. It was priceless.

I have had the best weekend ever.

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clemsongirlandthecoach said...

I have to say, how fun are we?! Seriously. We're the MOST fun...