Thursday, September 4, 2008

High on Hairspray

You are my new Bloggy friend. I love your name and "should" have thought of your title myself.

When we "do" a swap, you ask questions of your "SWAP MATE". You also answer questions to give hints at what you might like.

I love Halloween.
I have an annual Halloween party, everyone dresses up or they don't get invited again.
Its adults only and a TON of fun.
I decorate my house October 1st.
Anything you send, will make me smile and get used somewhere in the house.
I am easy.

Do you decorate for Halloween?
Do you do cute or scary?
Do your boys have a preference over candy? Any favorites?


Just Ask Beth said...

"HIGH" is my bestest friend and we started Blogging together, can you, will you, please check me out I am "JUST ASK BETH", why the boring name?, because people always ask me, and for some reason I know, strange but true.

High on Hairspray said...

Hello Hair Girl,
Thanks for the info on yourself. I think I have some good ideas for you. I have two boys 15 and 13. My boys like the purple pack of Skittles and the regular pack. (I just asked) We don't keep a lot of candy because my 15 year old has diabetes. I must admit that I do keep gumballs, and others in jars for the boys friends when they come visit and for low blood sugars. I do decorate for Halloween but not as much as I did when they were little. I like cute and scary. I promise you I am not picky.
Thanks for the compliment on my Blog name. I wish I could say I was a hair girl...I would love love love to do hair. I just like hair spray and use it like crazy.