Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What do you want?

Paint boy and I had a "discussion" on Saturday concerning his "help" around the house.

Sunday, I got nothing from him.

Yesterday while cooking dinner I mentioned that I was out of a few things and needed to find time to run to the store. What to my utter amazement did he offer to do?

Paint boy went to the grocery store!!!!

This is BIG TIME, people.
He goes once a year and I drag him just so he can see grocery prices.

He got everything on the list and picked up a few of his favorites.
I was so proud and excited that he helped.

What do you think greeted me in the kitchen this morning?

Melted ice cream sandwiches. I guess putting away the groceries was just too much.


High on Hairspray said...

My husband goes to the grocery store for the "staples" and always comes back with Cheerios and tomato soup. No kidding, we have at least 20 cans of soup and 3 large boxes of Cheerios. And no, he does not put them away. I would rather just go myself. "A" for effort though.

Mom on the Run said...

Well, DOTR loves to go to the store. Unfortunately I always have to go back later and buy food.

clemsongirlandthecoach said...


At least he went, right?

Card Girl said...


High on Hairspray said...

I read your comment about my last blog. 250 people is not a get together, it's a wedding! Seriously. Had to laugh, I got another e-mail from McCain's people. My address is:

532 Saddlebrook Lane
Hopkins, SC 29061

I will send yours next week at the latest.

Mags said...

Too funny!!!