Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy boys!

Friday night was Little Lawyer's (Lawyer's wife's oldest son) Birthday party. The boys were going to camp out and roast marshmallows. They were so sweet to offer to let J have a sleep over with Little Mister. Mommy didn't want to be left out either so the party kept growing.
It became a HUGE spend the night.
8- 12 year old boys
4- 5-7 year old boys
1- 4 year old Babycakes
Lawyer's wife, Clemson girl, and me.

I laughed so hard that night that I snorted wine into my lungs. I don't think I will breathe right until Spring! Seriously, tears were streaming down my cheeks.

These are all things I learned-
*if you play Scrabble with those Lawyer and Lawyer's wife, be prepared to get cremated.
* just try to challenge Clemson girl, she makes up words that are real words! She may not know the definition but its a real word some where.
*Russian, french and polish words don't count. hee,hee
*LW can have all vowels and still find words to make.
*Tarn is the dirty word when you drop an f-bomb in the same sentence. Just sayin'.
* Ubiquitous is the biggest word ever made.
* Parents really do know that their kids are weird. I mean really weird, even the 5 year old noticed.