Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving, post 3

The rest of the family came in Thanksgiving morning. We were now 8 adults, 2 kids and 4 dogs. Yep, my step brother brought his Lab! There were way too much dog hair floating around. It was rolling across the floor and overtaking slow moving people. It was BAD.

We started on our annual Uno competition. 5 hours later we finished. Thank goodness for Firefly Vodka. 6 adults and 2 children should not play Uno. In 5 hours we completed 6 rounds. It was painful. J made it through 2 hands before the tears started. Bless his heart, my step mother's family are ruthless Uno Players!

The boys helped Papa J cook.

snapping fresh green beans

licking the spoon

Jake the Boxer wanted some too. My dad's dogs are the biggest beggars.

While cooking,I realized that my dad was making a LOT of food.
Me- Are you cooking for an army?
Dad- No, just the Navy. ( step-brother is a Navy pilot)
Me- Really, Dad. How much leftovers do you need?
Dad- There are going to be 18 of us.
Me- What??!?
Dad- I invited the neighbors!
Oh, damn. I drive 6 hours to see my father and he invites the whole damn neighborhood to dinner. Figures! He's all about a party, must be where I get it from...


Mags said...

We're all about the party too. The more, the merrier!!! Love those pics...looks like everyone had a grand time!!!

Card Girl said...

i still need to get me sum'a'dat firely..