Sunday, December 14, 2008

Party of the year

Last week was too busy for words, hence no posts!

The first Friday of December always brings the "Party of the year!" The Lawyer's Wife June Cleaver, Ms.Content and Sporty Spice throw this party together. It is always super fun. They don't hold back. Great Food, Great bar, Great people. This year they really blew out all the stops- they hired a band. No lie, Tom Petty in miniature was on guitar.

Ms. C, June, Sporty and me- as you can see, I am the short friend! They were all so cute carrying the wine or martini glasses that I gave each for their birthdays.

Me, Clemson girl and our friend, the FL girl.

Lawyer's Wife and her "shopping" wine glass. That girl can find a deal!

Paint Boy and me at the end of the evening after MUCH dancing.

Clemson and I totally glowing after all the dancing, sweet tea cocktails and laughter!
I had a fantastic time and I hope they have that band reserved for next year...

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Jillian, Inc said...

Too cute - love all the festive dresses.