Monday, December 22, 2008

No Big Deal...

So we are sitting at dinner discussing the weeks events on Thursday night.

J is super excited because Friday was "Polar Express" day. You got to wear pajamas to school and drink hot chocolate. They showed the movie on a Big screen in the gym to all the first graders. Classic day in 6 year old land!

C was feeling pretty good himself. He said he had "mid-terms" but they "were no big deal."
Hair girl-"Excuse me? Mid terms occur in the middle of the term. Do you have finals??!?"
C-"Uh,maybe?" ( turning white)
Paint boy- "Have you been reviewing in classes all week? Have your teachers mentioned study guides? Have you lost your mind?" (Growing redder by the moment)
C- (deathly pale, just might pass out from fear, totally stammering) "I think I might head upstairs to study. Tomorrow I have Science, Geography and writing tests. Yeah, I think I'll go study now."
PB- " Good choice, son"

Bless his heart. Sometimes that elevator doesn't go all the way to the top. Especially when there is a sale on the phone calls and girlfriend floor.