Monday, December 22, 2008

Worst Birthday ever.

Yesterday was the Big day. I have reached my mid-thirties. I remember my Mom being in her mid-thirties, I can't possibly be that old.

Woke up at the IL's. (I agreed to go since Paint boy's birthday is today. He is such a Momma's Boy and always celebrates with family.)
MIL made a huge country breakfast- PB's favorite ( he is #1 in his family)
Rushing around for church, no one mentions the birthday. ( I received a text from a good friend, but that's it!)
Come home from church and I am abandoned with my MIL, while PB and the kids go visit an old friend of FIL. (How did that occur? One minute they are there and the next, POOF! MIL and I sit in the same room, reading magazines and making small talk- still no birthday mention.)
Boys all come back and we head out to get lunch. Every restaurant in this tee-tiny town seems to be closed. We end up at Applebee's. (Could have been worse in the land of Fried, Fried and more Fried. But they wish me a Happy Birthday during lunch!)
During lunch J starts to cry. His "little cough" has sprung a fever and full blown strep throat.
We race back to Atlanta. (I am not taking my baby to a doctor in this town. Even my IL's drive 45 minutes to see a doctor.)
I then get to spend 3 hours at Children's Healthcare to find out that "yes, its Strep." (Can't they just have a line for mom's that can self diagnose? Just look at his throat and give me a scrip for Amoxil. I've been down this road a few times.)
We head to Publix. Yeah for free antibiotics!!! Amoxil, Motrin, new toothbrush and we are out of there.
On the way home PB calls to let me know he has taken care of dinner. Taco Bell. (Are you kidding me? In one day I eat at two restaurants that I avoid like the plague .)
I am all done. Next year has got to be better!


The 5 Bickies said...

It has got to be better because I don't think it could be worse. Happy Belated birthday.

Card Girl said...

I have been thinking of you.. as I knew it was your bday about now.. and then its PB's today, yesterday, tomorrow.. cant remember exact dates, but i know what 'bout now is all about. Thinking of you daily, and looked at the calendar 12/22 and knew it was something. so sorry to have missed THE day.. HEY - I forgot Beavers Boys 2 years in a row. Family can suck sometimes. :) Love you!! hugs..