Monday, July 21, 2008

At the beach again

I returned 3 weeks ago from my beach trip with June Cleaver and The Lawyer's Wife. It was husband free and over run with minis. I enjoyed coffee on the porch, lunch on the beach and custom cocktails. There were "happies" for everyone and color coordinated paperware.

I am now at the beach with my husband and kids. All I can say is that there isn't any seaweed and jellyfish. I miss my girlfriends for the constant laughs they provided 24 hours a day.

I do happen to have 2 friends that are/were vacationing here at Longboat Key. Beach bunny and Drug boy are here with there 2 boys and ACE and Spray boy were here for the weekend. We went to dinner Saturday night at a fabulous restaurant. Think snapper with a balsamic/honey reduction, YUMMY!

The "boys" (all 7 of them, 3 dads and 4 kids) went deep sea fishing yesterday. About 45 minutes into the 6 hour journey, J decided he was finished and was ready to go. Not happening when you haven't even caught the first fish. We got to eat the spoils of there adventure. For $500, you would think there would have been leftovers. Not so much. One meal for 10 with lots of sides, prepared by the 3 moms. Not a scrap of fish left.


The Lawyer's Wife said...

Glad you are enjoying your jelly fish free week ... I am super busy!!! Let's catch up with some cocktails when you get back!

Have a great week!

maggi said...

Have FUN!