Saturday, July 5, 2008

I love a parade!

I was very honored to be asked to judge the 4th of July parade. Paint boy and the boys were just as excited. We met up with Green Magsterpie at her staging grounds and got a preview of the floats. Being an election year, there where 17,000 politicians, 1700 beauty queens, and about 25 floats.

Some of the floats were quite spectacular, for example, an eighteen wheeler pulling a float with 100 members of the American Legion and followed by 50 motorcycles. It was BOLD.

Others were more patriotic, the Georgia Vietnam veterans float was beyond moving. They recreated, in still life, 2 war memorials. They held their poses for the entire parade route.

These are my favorite group. Baton twirling grandmas! The dresses are actually blue sequin, and yes, those are tassels on the majorette boots.

This is the greatest picture of Babycakes. Usually, when you ask her to "smile", she looks like she is in pain. She has all the boys in my family wrapped around her finger! You can see why I have a marriage contract ready to be signed. I'll let her pick which boy, right now she is leaning toward C.

This is such a great shot of Clemsongirl's minis. They were so cute. They thanked all the police officers "for keeping us safe".

Babycakes and J waving their flags. J loves his orange sunglasses and didn't take them off all day.

Little Mr. at his sweetest! Don't you just want to give him a squeeze?

Lucy made a special appearance for the parade. She wore all her red, white and blue! That is a Munchkin that one of the kids generously shared. I love how she is licking her lips!

The Lawyer's Wife, Clemsongirl and me at the parade. I love these 2 girls! There are always a million laughs when we get together.

C was at the parade also, but was a LITTLE tired from camp. He made it, but was not the brightest sparkler of the day. Paint boy took him home after lunch. J and I hit the games and jumpies. Magsterpie gave the boys wrist bands for unlimited access to all the fun activities on The Square. J took FULL advantage. He did a blow up shark slide 33 times! At $2 a pop! That is not counting all the spin art, games, other slides, obstacle courses and bungee jumping that the child did. Thank you, Magsterpie!

They are both looking forward to next year.

BTW- I got to meet (and hug) yummy Coach last night. He even ate my leftover pizza. I look forward to seeing him in 2009 , too.


Card Girl said...

parades are the best, arent they? sounds like J rocked his own world.. how fun. and those couch hugs are the best :)

Card Girl said...

i meant coAch.. damn keyboard.

Tahoe Girl said...

Paint Boy's pics are awesome. I would love to know if he caught any good ones of mine!? It was great seeing all of you and hope to see you again soon!

The Lawyer's Wife said...

Thursday night is on!!! Bring some juice, mint and get over here.

Leave out the sprite you know it does not work for me!

And have Paint Boy email me the good pics. I am good for some toothpicks to say thanks!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Great pics! I love the twirling grannies- too funny!!