Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello Dolly!

Dolly may be heading to Texas (praying for all of you there), but she is churning up the Gulf.

J has only been swimming since our last beach trip. Thank heavens Mary Poppins taught the poor baby to put his face in the water! He is doing a great job in the pool, but the ocean is a different story. We actually had tears our first day here, trying to get him out in the water.

Yesterday, the waves were amazing! We went in up to J's knees and jumped waves for hours. They were breaking over his head, they were so large. I would help him jump and he would come out sputtering and laughing. C was way too busy body surfing to pay much attention to anyone. He is my fish. I can only hope that J will enjoy the water as much.

He let me know that we should bring our friends to "this Florida next year, because their Florida was yucky with the jellyfish".

He also made me promise to never take him back to that Florida again! I will hold him to it, when as a teenager he wants to head to Destin with his friends. A promise is a promise!

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