Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer fun

I purchased a bunch of these kits at the beginning of the summer from Joann's. They are quick art kits and they have all kinds of fun things to do; foam airplane, magnets, and "shrinky dinks".

Today we made glow in the dark bouncy balls. Super easy and quick. Perfect summertime activity, the boys are now outside seeing how high they can bounce.

I know I could have paid a quarter and bought 10 for what I paid for the kit, but what's the fun in that?

Would they still be outside playing with them an hour later???


maggi said...

Sounds like fun!
It looks like you and I are paper swap partners! Yippeeeee!

Card Girl said...

I recently found her.. and love The Nester!

I am actually thinking about taking your advice about my boring brown curtains, as well, in my room, that you saw, and add some trim, frill, whatever... of course that means I will have to venture out to the fabric store. I might have to call for counsel.

Card Girl said...

yes, i commented under the wrong post. wine distorts things.

Mom on the Run said...

What a good mommy! I always used to hide the bouncy balls because mine could never seem to help themselves and threw them in the house.