Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is July still, right?

I went to lunch today with the Lawyer's wife and Clemson girl. Between the yummy food and the bug stories it was a great afternoon.

I decided to tag along for a "quick" run to Garden Ridge. You will never believe what I found...

Premo Halloween Decorations! In July!
Every year we have a BIG Halloween party. Very scary decorations, not cutesy at all. It started as Paint boy's idea, but I have to do all the decorating and the purchasing. Every year we add to the collection. Last year, we decide to rent a climate controlled storage unit to hold all this cr@p.

Today I purchased, the coolest black tree (about 36") with a bunch of spiders and miniature crows, a huge feather raven and the scariest monkey bat thing. Lawyer's wife couldn't even look at it. It is very freaky, Paint boy loves it!

I just couldn't believe that I was shopping for Halloween items in July, but if you wait they will be gone.

A Contrast of Friends
Lawyer's wife's buggy- frames, wine glasses, buckets, cocktail napkins
My buggy- scary Halloween decorations, creepy candles
Clemson girl- along for the ride


The Lawyer's Wife said...

Aren't you glad you invited yourself along "for the ride"?

If Paint Boy only knew ...

maggi said...

hey...I need your initials for the paper swap...and what are your favorite colors?

Mom on the Run said...

They had Halloween stuff back in June, I swear. And there's already some Christmas crap over in that aisle on the side.

(I was looking for a tablecloth--really, I swear I was and I didn't buy any ornaments...or did I?)

Card Girl said...

would love to make your party one year :)