Friday, July 25, 2008

Rain, rain, go away...

Dolly very generously gave us a day of rain. We went to the beach so Paint boy could take some cool shots, these are my shots not his. It is beautiful here. Longboat key is full of homes and condos for "snow birds". Most places only rent by the season (3 months). The condo next door literally has 2 cars in the lot.(there are only 2 units lit at night, we looked)

The boys watching the stormy waves. After a big crack of lightning ,it was time to head in. Quickly.

We decided that it was going to be a Movie Day. After much discussion we settled on "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in 3D.
It was a great movie. The kids loved it. Paint boy thought it could have been longer. I love Brendon Frasier. He is good eye candy for a kid flick. I would definitely recommend seeing it in 3D, worth the extra bucks.

Last night we invited Drug boy, beach bunny and their minis to our place. We ate pizza on the beach and swam through the sunset. We were having a great time jumping waves and exploring the sea life. Last night we found crabs, sand dollars, spiny sea urchins and a million fish. The kids had a blast. We all did.

Beach bunny and I were out in the ocean by ourselves and noticed lots of movement. Then BIG fish started jumping all around us, not good.Time to head in and a huge wave made it easier for us. It carried me halfway back to the beach. Too bad I was under the water losing my suit. I had to decide whether to worry about the top or the bottoms. I went with the bottoms, hoping the top would stop at my armpits. Bottom around my knees, top in the pits and me praying not to drown half naked. We were only in water up to our waists. I am a loser.


BeachBunny said...

You didn't tell them that the "shark" was the reason for all the jumping fish. Great friends and a great time. I am still laughing!

Mom on the Run said...

Those are great pictures!