Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Where have you been?

I am sorry that I have abandoned all of you for almost a week. I was better at posting while on the Beach Trip. ( It is capitalized because it has its own identity! 7 kids with 7 personalities= some kind of interesting!)

2 days before leaving on the Beach Trip, Paint boy decided that the salon needed a little sprucing up. While I was gone. (I don't do change so he thought this would be the most painless way.)

After my MOST memorable 22 hour car ride, (it wasn't really but when you are expecting 6 and you get 10, it feels like 22.) I arrived to construction. He wasn't as far along as he expected.

On Sunday, I helped lay a hardwood floor and worked on drywall. We have remodeled our whole house so I know my way around some power tools. I also had to pack for C to go to Church camp Monday.

Monday morning I dropped him off for camp and headed to Home Depot for more molding. A little miscalculation on Paint boy's part, brought about a second trip. Thank goodness Nana Judy came and painted trim all day, because I was sanding drywall and painting and cleaning and praying that we would be finished enough for clients on Tuesday morning.

I know you are wondering about a contractor and he was there. Paint boy and I work on things we can do and give the really yucky jobs to someone who does this for a living. And Paint boy is cheap. REALLY cheap when it comes to construction. He can do most everything, so why should he pay? To get it done in a timely manner is the answer but that is another Paint boy-ism. God love him!


clemsongirlandthecoach said...

I'm thinking I need a serious bit of's been on my list since we moved in. Sounds like now I "know a guy..."

Can't wait to see it! Maybe I'll come by on over that way.

Card Girl said...

post a pic of the finished product. would love to see.