Sunday, November 23, 2008

Big Bargains

Nana Judy and I headed out for our big day of shopping on Saturday morning. The goal for the day was to finish Christmas! And of course to get the best bargains available.
Lawyer's Wife has a theory that regardless of what the tag says, when its on sale at Macy's it will ring up $12. So very true!
All weekend when you used your Macy's card you got an extra 10-20% off. This was on top of the sale or clearance price. Can you say "SHOPPING!!?!"
C wanted a leather motorcycle jacket, 40% off then another 20%. It was so cheap that I was able to get one for J and still saved $5 off the original price. crazy!
Abercrombie kids had everything marked down too. C is very label conscious as most teenagers are. I refuse to pay that much for a tshirt or a hoodie, it has to be on sale. We found some serious bargains. Its going to be a very Abercrombie Christmas for that kid. J is finally big enough to fit in the smallest size. He is going to get his first Abercrombie fix. He has been begging forever, I hope he is excited to be the proud owner of a hoodie.

I finished my list, including the stockings. I even helped Nana pick out everything for the kids and we shopped for my aunt. She hates to shop, we are supposed to buy what she needs and take it to her so she can see it and stick it in a bag. Merry Christmas!

Do you know the best part of this?
I have wrapped everything that was purchased yesterday! Wrapped, bowed, stacked in a corner until the decorations go up.

I saw the funniest sign on a landscape/nursery store- Permanent trees and wreaths 20% off. Not Artificial, permanent. I love it!

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clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Dang sister. I thought I was organized!