Monday, November 24, 2008

Say what?

J was having a hard morning and needed lots of "encouragement" to get a move on.
After the 14th time of asking him to brush his teeth and get dressed and be nice to his brother and to stop crying over everything, he looked at me and said "If you would be nicer to me it would be easier for me to have a good day." Um,okay. I got told by a six year old.

C was cleaning his room and listening to the radio during all of this.
He comes into my room and says, "Mom, what's an orgasm?"
Me- "excuse me?"
C- "An orgasm, there was a lady on the radio saying that when she does jumping jacks she has an orgasm"
Me- "ummmm, (thinking that I need her trainer)well its sexual."
C- "ohhhhhh, you mean like when a guy, ummm, yeah, umm. Good to know. Okay." and he walks out of my room.

Wow, that was huge.