Monday, November 3, 2008

PTA ownership

I am just saying that if you sign up to chair an event, don't think that you own the day. Should another committee choose to do something in conjunction or if the Foundation chooses to hold an event, YOU DO NOT get to take your toys and go home.
We are ALL trying to make the school a better place.
You may have issues with "Fundraising" but its necessary to pay for "your" community event.
I am not asking for your help.
This was your idea in the first place. You asked me to help you!
I will not even enter your event, because I will be holding mine. And let me tell you I will be holding my event, because I don't want to have to sell another d@mn thing (cookie dough included).

There, now that the PSA is over-

Isn't the weather glorious? I am basking in the 70 degree days.
I hope you understand a little rant now and then. ta ta!