Thursday, November 13, 2008

No you didn't.

Paint boy is totally one of the husbands that makes everything a sexual innuendo. Even after 16 years together he still "likes" me, "really likes" me.

That said, on to the story.

We are standing in the kitchen tonight, discussing whether C is still dating his girlfriend. He asked me if they were "hot and heavy".
Me- "No, I think they broke up."
PB- "that's good. He's only 12."
Me- "yeah. (my mind is on finishing dinner)
PB- " The only one Hot and Heavy around here is you."
PB-" That didn't come out right, did it?"
Me- "Not so much."
PB- "Um, yeah, sorry. Stammering I meant you were hot, you know, hot. Not heavy, like fat, just hot. Just..."
Me- "stop talking, just go set the table."
Pb- "good idea."

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