Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dying, truly dying

So last week was June Cleaver's Birthday. We have celebrated that girl's birthday every year like its the BIG one. She loves a party and likes to make a week of it!
A group of us went out on Friday night. I was feeling great. I rode to the restaurant with JC's best friend, that was trying to rally out of her cold and Lawyer's Wife, who's kid's have pneumonia.
Can you see where this is going?
I woke up Saturday and thought,"I didn't drink that much, how can I feel this bad?"
I am Dying.
Since Saturday morning I have been vertical for about 8 hours.
This includes the 3 hours at church where I taught Sunday school. Yes, I taught a bunch of 6 year olds and yes, I hope they get sick. There are too many of them every week. 14 is too many, most classes average 6-8. I average 12-16. I am the craft queen, they don't want to miss a project. A nice cold could widdle out the stragglers.

I am now at work infecting my clients. They complain too much if I cancel them. They all can see that I am sick, they don't seem to care. One did offer to "let me go home, when I finished her." Nice, huh?
I am going to have to start injecting food, like Madonna. I can't breathe and chew at the same time.
I know this post rambles.

I am high on cold medicine.


Mrs.Preppy said...

I am excited about the swap! What is your email? We can talk that way...

mrspreppy at gmail dot com

Mom on the Run said...

Oh goodness...hope you're feeling better soon.

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Feel better!

Mags said...

Feel better soon!!!