Saturday, November 15, 2008

PTA update

I never knew there could be this much drama.
After I worked my butt off yesterday to get the stupid flier distributed for the Holiday Market, I got a phone call.

Her (chair of the fun run, that is happening on the same day)- Are you busy?
Me- no, just wandering around Garden Ridge. (avoiding the rain)
Her- So I found a flier in my son's Backpack today. I want an explanation!
Me- Did the President not call you? At the Board meeting, we voted to have the Market and Elf shop.
Her-No, she didn't. I told you both that I didn't want a "fundraiser" to mess up MY community event.
Me- Well ,we need funds. So it was cookie dough or this. The Board voted to do this.
Her- I don't like people talking about me and my event when I am not there. (she is supposed to come to board meetings)
Me- It was in the agenda, so we discussed it.
Her- I am not happy. I need to call the President! Someone has to answer for this!
Me- Here's her cell xxx. I look forward to talking more later.

So I get home and there is a very hateful email about how she has run political events in New Hampshire, raised tons of money and doesn't want to deal with money anymore; how people should not talk about behind her back and how over all of us she is.
Great, just great.

I have decided to go back to the Junior League next year rather than deal with all this.

ETA- So crazy lady must have taken her meds this morning, because I just got another email. She is apologizing for acting crazy and going off the deep end.
Here is the last line of the email-"I think the world of you and am awed by your commitment to both your professional life and to XXX elementary school."
Did I mention that we have spoken less than a dozen times? That we have been face to face twice? Who blew sunshine up her butt this morning? She must be close to overdosing on her happy pills.


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Jillian, Inc said...

I love all the wonderful people who do so much for PTA's. It's not easy and often thankless. But this is the exact reason I don't volunteer. I just can't handle the drama! More power to you and God bless you for doing a very tough job.

Card Girl said...

I always know where to go to get a good chuckle because you make my belly jiggle with laughter.. thank you!!... errr.. um.. I mean, I am sorry you have to deal with such a drama mama, but ..honestly, at the same time, you put a smile on my face :)

Bad Mommy said...

Lol,yeah it sounds like she feel straight off the crazy tree. Good luck with the one. ;)