Monday, May 26, 2008

"Follies" of adult women

2008 brought the 75th year of the JL in my town. To commemorate the event, we decided to honor 75 women in our community that have made a difference. They were to be honored at a Spring concert/Follies event. It was a long year developing the idea and event.

At the April meeting they asked for volunteers to sign up to perform to one number.
They also held a "Wine and Cheese Tasting." Free wine and black truffle cheese. Yummy! I KNOW that they planned this. No way are sane women going to agree to dance in front of an audience. June Cleaver talked 3 of us from MM into performing with her. One month later. 4 practices to perform in front of an audience... HOLY CRAP!

Who knew that this is what our future held? The 4 Mistle-toads and next year's President!

Our first day of practice, we all had to stretch. And try out. Yes, I said try out. For something we volunteered to do.
They placed us into groups based on dance ability! Yikes! June deemed them the "Eagles, Cougars and Turtles."
I was disappointed that I wasn't in the Eagles (until I found out that they had multiple numbers!) I became a Cougar- and prayed not to mess up.

We practiced and practiced. To Kool and the Gang's "Celebrate". I just don't like that song so much any more. 3 practices and we still didn't know the whole routine. Remember, we are JLers, soccer moms, average age 34. The future didn't look to good.
The dress rehearsal.
Look, all our feet are off the floor at the same time. We might actually have a chance at this. This is the night where we learned the end of the routine. 3 days before we were to perform.
Notice the flat wigs. They were HUGE! We were told to bring pantyhose stuffed with batting to help hold them up. Put the panty part on our heads and wrapped the sausage stuffed legs around and around. It could possibly be one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time!
Here are some of the Eagles performing with the band. These are the girls that knew what the heck they were doing. They were always in the spotlight, so hopefully all eyes were on them.

Here we are mid routine. It was the shortest 2 1/2 minutes of my life. I was counting and concentrating on smiling the whole time. Notice how large the wigs are here?
BTW, that is my large butt in this picture. Paint boy only got shots of my back.
Here we all our in all of our 70's disco glory! I am the one in the blond wig.

We all agreed to wear our outfits to the Annual Halloween party. So be prepared, you will see this look again. It will free up the husbands to get really creative. (I know some of y'all are thinking that Halloween is a long way off. Around these parts, we all start planning our costumes early Summer. Paint boy and I have been know to make a pact that we will have decided on our costume before coming home from the Summer beach trip. This year we are all set. We have decided on costumes and its still May!)
Don't think for a minute that PB is going to come as a 70's disco boy! The man lives all year for "his" party. Any chance to wear makeup. Just Kidding!

We all agreed it was so much fun. I got to know some girls a lot better and laughed a lot with my friends. I don't regret my "Follies" for a moment.


The Lawyer's Wife said...

Oh yes ... blond wig ... I can easily spot you. But I would know my Hair Girl anywhere!!

Kisses to you now that you are better!

card girl said...

you are frickin' hiLARious.. !!! love the do...

maggi said...

You look HOT!

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

OK so call me dumb, but which one is you? I saw your butt, but nothing else! Help a girl out! I think ALL of you look great!

roger said...

Cool adult costume! you look cool, sleek and hot!