Friday, May 30, 2008


$83.79 later and I have a New power box thingy. Battery Boy said that those things "never wear out". K, so mine did. 4 months after getting new laptop. I am lucky like that.

2 clients came in today and I was telling them about my new BFF, Teresa. They both "love" her. One had been at the Mexican place earlier in the evening and had very bad service by St. Teresa.
So it wasn't just me being a bi-otch. I love to be right!

I had to miss the SATC premiere. Sad day, but sometimes being a Mom has to take center stage. (J had an All Star baseball game tonight.) I got the slightly tipsy phone call letting me know what I was missing. They wanted me to jump in the car and get there. Now. Unfortunately, not happening.

Baseball tournaments tomorrow from 10am-8pm. Ask me about my sunburn tomorrow night.

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