Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Let me introduce

my friend 'Ssippi girl. She comes from an old 'Ssippi family, y'all from those parts would know her Daddy. I have been honored (and rolled on the floor with laughter), with the stories of her family and upbringing.

One of my all time favorites is- "During election years, she, her sisters and momma would have to park their luxury cars in the barn and drive older model American. Daddy's new truck got parked and the ooooold truck got brought out to campaign. Everyone in town knew that they had the other vehicles, but it was all about appearances. She can't count how many times that old truck broke down when they were going door to door."

This girl can tell a story and when you first meet her you wonder how much could be true. You then get to know her well, after a few cocktails and you know its ALL true. She is a riot.
'Ssippi is married to Metro. He is an old Southern gentleman, however he is all about his hair and toes. (Let's just say that Metro Man spends some cash at my salon!)

'Ssippi has 2 darling boys. One is fresh out as you can tell by the photo.
Both boys have double names , just not on purpose. Her oldest goes by FirstnameLastname. One word. Her baby is supposed to be doubled up too. We will have to wait and see on that one.

(BTW- She is going to kill me for the prego picture, but she is not as big as a minute. She was 9 months pregnant in that picture! I know she has been lurking around my blog for quite a while. I hope this gets a comment!) I love me some 'Ssippi!


maggi said...

By the way...can't wait for all the Chickens to arrive in glover park! The chickens are coming, the chickens are coming!

See ya next week.

Card Girl said...

did you know I can actually HEAR you say fabulous when you write it... I see you.. right here, telling me your story....

its fabulous.

since it IS about you, i changed it FOR YOU to "thecardgirl..." thanks for adding me to your list of rereads, but you need to change the linkaroo.

laundry girl said...

Hello, I am a friend of Card girl way out west and I love your blog!! I am trying to get all these mommies out here on the blog bandwagon.....