Monday, May 5, 2008

Miss Me?

I know y'all were wondering where I have been hiding. It is not often that I don't post for 3 days. I have too much running through my head to wait that long.

Friday was the 2nd Art Walk. It was a huge success! There were tons of people on the Square and we gave out 17,000 Gift Bags! Just kidding, that was a joke for magsterpie. For those of you new to this. The Art Walk is a free event the first Friday of every month from 5-8pm. 25 shops or restaurants- visit 10 and come to the Gallery to pick up prize bag. We also have snacks and wine. Lots of wine. The bags are getting better every month. This month the included gourmet popcorn, cookies, cute key chains, a bookmark, notepads, 17,000 coupons and a print from Paint boy. Pretty fabulous for a free event!

Saturday and Sunday was the Spring Arts Festival on the Square.

Paint boy
decided to pick his work from the Gallery up and plop it down right there in the Square. It was like a traveling circus on Saturday morning during set-up time. Back and forth to the gallery. "I need one more thing." That man can make you tired with all his creativity!

Thank heaven I had coffee. I also had my favorite breakfast from Sugar Cakes. It is the most yummy cafe/bakery. You must try it if you haven't been. (The owner used to be the pastry chef at the Ritz.)Everything is beautiful and tastes divine. The prices will amaze you after you take your first bite of a perfectly flaky pastry. I could lick the crumbs off his ever present chef's coat! We take the boys for brunch a couple times a month. I was happy to spend the weekend a stones throw from great coffee and pastry.

We had a great time meeting people and seeing friends.

We had the best time, I just had to be a "Little Ray of Sunshine" when the rains fell on Saturday, but I finally got him out of his funk when the skies cleared.
Sunday, the Sun was shining and the crowds came. I am sporting the most awesome Farmer's Tan you have ever seen. I might need to rename it because farmers don't have jewelry lines on each wrist and flip flop lines either. The crowd wasn't exactly in the purchasing mood, according to all the artists around us; but Paint Boy sold a number of pieces. It was a great way for people that "have been meaning to get by" to actually see his work. He got excellent feedback and can't wait to do another of these shows.

Ever since I started working on the Mistletoe Market and then chaired it; I have said that "when I grow up and stop doing hair, I want to travel around and do shows." I love everything about Art shows. The crowds, the food and the shopping. Now I have found my purpose, they won't be JL shows but I will still get to have fun. We are already planning all the Fall shows "in side the perimeter" and a few elsewhere.

The funniest thing kept happening on Sunday.

There were several pieces that everyone gravitated toward. Couples would come into the booth and the wife would look at her husband and beg with her eyes to have one. The would leave the booth after 10 minutes or so and have very heated discussions on the street out front. They would then walk away with the man shaking his head "No." If the man wanted a piece there was very little discussion, just a credit card presented.

Paint boy had never seen anything like it.
PB- What is going on?
HG- A Shopping Cock Block.
PB- I know what a cock block is, but not what it had to do with shopping.
HG- With most couples, if a husband wants something it gets purchased and if a wife wants something she has to have permission.
(as you can see, since he didn't understand, that it doesn't happen in our house.)

He was floored that all these "Cocks were blocking his sales." He decided that from now on Arts Festivals should be women only events. Bring your credit cards and leave the husbands at home!
There is one more reason why I love this guy and now I am off to shop! he, he

ETA- Is that better AFRO? I was never an English major nor worked for a newspaper. I am just a lowly Hair Girl, that likes to ramble.


AFRo said...

Need. More. Paragraphs. My eyes crossed trying to read it all so I had to stop before I got a hatache.(LK word) Help me out...

AFRo said...

Girl. Much better. Sorry if I was abrupt in my comment. No offense. Really. I enjoy reading your stuff.