Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Lawyer's wife deals crack!

I am telling you that this woman is a pusher and I am a customer for life!

I know that the Lawyer's wife loves some "retail therapy". No one is as crazy as the amount of "therapy" this woman gets. I listened, with all of you, as she blogged about the Cynthia Rowley Whim collection at Target. I looked at her pictures and thought ,"Oh, how cute!" I went on about my day.

Yesterday, I went to Target.
I walked onto the aisle and the "Hallelujah Chorus" started playing and then it transformed into a Gospel choir singing "Oh, Happy day!" I am not kidding you.
I started loading my cart and all I could here was Gospel music and seagulls. BTW -there are NO seagulls in ATL.

These are the plates that my sweet boys will eat their lunch on, all summer. Paint boy does not do paper plates, its usually china regardless if takeout or home cooked.
I got really cute green and white bowls and the small plastic green and blue cups to match. As close to disposable as I will get.

How cute is this cooler? It holds 16 cans and has a snack compartment on top. Perfect for the pool! The boys picked this one.
The cutest canvas tote evah! I am in love with the lime and blue stripes, can you tell?!?? Perfect for life, pool, beach, etc. Anywhere that little people ask me to hold their stuff.

We picked up a set of Lacrosse sticks and a really cool ladder ball game for the back yard and the beach. The boys played ladder ball while in AZ and thought it "was the funnest game ever!" I hope the 7 minis don't kill each other with the rope ball thingies at the beach. Someone will definitely get bonked in the head with a lacrosse stick, though.

The Whim line is all about the outdoors and entertaining. They have a line of cocktail mixers that were too fun to pass up. I selected the "bucket variety" These go into the freezer.
"You boys go grab a Popsicle. Mommy is going to drink/eat her yummy Sangria Slushy!" 3 bottles of red wine and this mix into the freezer, dip your glass in the peach sugar and spoon frozen concoction into glass. I might be able to survive the August heat!

I came home with a trunk load of goodies on Wednesday.
Today, I went back.
C and J had to pick out their beach towels to be monogrammed. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it!
I can go back tomorrow if one of y'all need me to pick something up. wink,wink


The Lawyer's Wife said...

You call it crack ... I call it happies!!! It is all the same! Ofcourse with all the therapy I do you would think I am the most sane person on the planet. I am not ... but maybe with more therapy I will be ...

hee hee ...

And you are so loving that I found and purchased the madras pool!!!!

maggi said...

Love it! I knew we could get you on the "Whim" bandwagon at some point!

The Lawyer's Wife said...

To get your name's meaning ...

go to - pick the "What's Your Names Hidden Meaning"

make sure you type in Hair Girl to get the real you ... it was dead on!!!