Tuesday, May 6, 2008

T-Ball Tournaments are serious!

Last night was the beginning of Tournament Time at the ball park!
Both boys had games- C at 6pm and J at 7:15.
C's game got off to a bad start. The opening pitcher looked like he didn't want to be there. Literally. Moping around, asking when they could leave. The game hadn't even started!
There is a 5 run limit, so he gave the other team 5 runs and walked off the plate. He went up to bat and stood there as 3 strikes went right by him. As he was walking off the field he looked at his Dad and said, "Are you ready to go yet?" They packed his bag and drove out of the park. Not a word to the coaches. The worst part is that every time he came up in the batting order, it was an automatic out. Of course they lost, 8 to 4. So sad!

J's game was very exciting! One of the Mom's embroidered hang towels for all the boys. We used them as rally towels for the game. The boys loved seeing all the red towels spinning in the air. There were cowbells and tambourines. Thank heavens for little sisters, they were having a blast dancing and shaking the music makers.
J caught a pop fly and almost had a double play at second. He also got 2 boys out, by catching a ball and tagging them as they ran by. This doesn't sound like much unless you have been to a t-ball game. We had to go for ice cream it was so impressive.
Here is where the rant is going to start- DO NOT WEAR SWEATSHORTS WITH WORDS ON YOUR BUTT, IF YOU COACH T-BALL! The other team's coach was a cute blonde. Maybe mid 20's. She had words written on her butt. The teenage umpires couldn't focus. The kindergarteners were trying to read it. It was not what we usually see at our park.
We ended up losing the game. The last inning the umpire ended our turn with 2 outs, because he was so busy looking at Blondie's butt. Just kidding, kinda.

BTW- That is the cute coach of J's team. Not Paint boy.


Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

Seriously, the woman must want more out of her coaching position than just helping some little boys play t-ball. That is too funny.

AFRo said...

We had T-Ball tonight. It was pale in comparison to coach pitch last night, but I welcomed the calm. I was so mad last night at the ball field over some redneck parents. I sat on the bleachers the whole time, cheering my baby on and jotting down stuff on a checkbook register so I could blog it.

The Lawyer's Wife said...

Lawyer says: Sounds like a good stradegy, it seemed to work for her. And btw ... what did Paint Boy think of her? Oh, and are you sure the dads were not using the rally towels for her?

hee, hee!

The Lawyer's Wife said...

He obviously did not type that comment ... I typed for him hence the misspelled strategy.

Oh well .. he could type for himself!

I am just saying ... is all!