Wednesday, June 11, 2008

11 minutes

I had some wonderful advice a few weeks ago that has been floating around my head.
A New, Fabulous Friend told me, "It's only 11 minutes. What else would you rather be doing for 11 minutes?" (She was referring to giving your husband 11 minutes of attention. Yes, that kind of mutual attention.)

I tried her advice last night. No kids, great dinner and normally Paint boy and I would hit the couch and watch TV or surf the net.
I decided to give him 11 minutes while still awake and coherent. Well worth the effort.

I am going to start a list of things that take 11 minutes and I would like to avoid

1-Feed the dogs.
2-Change sheets on the beds
3-Dust a room
4-Do the dishes
5-Quick shower
6-Fold a load of laundry
7-Drive to work
8-sweep hardwoods
9-clean the bathroom
10-2 aisles of the grocery store
11-half a haircut
12- the other half
13- the blow dry
14- waxing eyebrows
15-waiting for a cocktail from a slow bar
16- picking out an outfit for work every morning
17- reminding my children to brush their teeth during the summer
18-one phone call to Direct TV concerning DVR again

That is 18 things I could avoid and find time for Paint boy, but we would be smelly and live in a dirty house and people would go hungry. I am just saying.


AFRo said...

I LOVE LISTS!!! Good job. Maybe I should try it for Mr. AFRo. He's been begging for some attention lately.

Card Girl said...

love. love love this. thanks for the reminder as to how little they need :)

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

How was your 11 minutes last night?

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

I so need to do this.

Bad Mommy said...

But you would be *happy*! ;)