Sunday, June 1, 2008

Baseball fun

We had a HUGE day of baseball yesterday!

J started off the day with an All Star game at 10:15am. Great game, good hitting, we won big time. 5 innings in 50 minutes. It was fantastic.(Against "Candyland". That's my nickname for the coach of the other team. She wears shorts with writing on the bootie. I don't care if you are 22, not good for 6 year olds or their Daddies to see. Needless to say, Paint boy doesn't see a problem! We lost against her in the Tournament. I really wanted to win!)

Home for lunch and rest.

Back to the park at 3pm for C and Paint boy to practice. Their game was supposed to start at 4. We were just waiting on the umpires. and waiting. and waiting.

Seems that the League Coordinator forgot about the 12 year tournament. Fortunately, 2 umpires were found and the game started at 5. Double header.

I had to run J to his field because he had another game at 4:30. Another great game, a few disputed calls. (t-ball coaches are very serious.) J had a great slide into 3rd base right under the kid trying to tag him out. The kid never expected J to slide, so he kept the ball at chest level and J went underneath. (I caught it all on video since Daddy was at the other field.)
We won again. Yeah, Red Devils! ( perfect name for a bunch of heathen 6 year olds)

Back across the park to C's game. They win the first one easily and get a 10 minute break before the second game.

By now C has an entire cheering section: My SIL , BIL and nephews came to see their local High School play in the State Championship game in Cartersville and came down to see the boys games. The Lawyer family took a road trip over to our side of town to watch C's game and have dinner. Of course, Nana Judy never misses a game. It was quite a crowd. He felt so special and played great.

The second game was much closer because the boys were all getting tired. Top of the last inning we had 2 outs and C was up to bat. I thought I would vomit. I literally walked away and hid my eyes. 3 balls, 2 strikes, 2 outs, bases loaded and we are up by 1. they walk him. And walk a run in. and then another. We had to hold them.

Pop fly and double play later. WE WIN! Go BIG BLUE!

I am so proud of my "Coach" and C and J. It was a loooong fun day!

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