Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tag- weird food

I have been tagged by the Lawyer's Wife to list 5 crazy/weird things that I eat. This is hard for me. My dad is a chef. I don't mean, "he is good with the grill". The man went to the Culinary Institute and has owned restaurants, won awards and we used to have to dress for dinner as kids.

I eat most everything, its probably weirder what I won't eat.

1. I will only eat cooked "big" tomatoes or grape tomatoes. Grape tomatoes must be cut before eating, because I can't stand the pop. I also hate tomato snot. You know what I'm talking about.

2. I eat "warm bread" according to my husband. Toast can't be brown and crusty. I will throw it away and start over. ( I know this is how most people eat it, just not me.) Forget about cold toast.

3. I like boxed mashed potatoes. Growing up I always wanted to try them and was never "allowed". They are too easy and my boys like smooth mashed potatoes, NO lumps.

4. I will not eat Sushi. I like my food cooked. My steaks Medium rare. But my fish cooked. Its not my thing.

5. I LOVE Eggs Benedict! Holy fat grams, Batman! Got to love the hollandaise sauce. and ham. and poached eggs. The runnier the poached eggs the better. I grew up calling them "dippy eggs". If they are on a Brunch menu, I am ordering them. Paint boy is finally getting used to them. He was grossed out for years.

I am going to tag AFRo, Teri and Card Girl.

I can't wait to see your lists. Don't confuse vegetarian or organic as weird.

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Card Girl said...

i didnt know about the eggy benny's.. if i would have know, BB would have done it up for you.