Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ice Cream

My children's crack dealer came to the salon today.
They are addicts, I know. We will pay for a very expensive detox program one day.
I have a client that owns a Cold Stone and we swap discounts on hair for half gallons of ice cream. Its a Win/Win!
The issue is, if I take all this ice cream home, Paint Boy will eat it while we are at the beach. I think I will just leave it at the salon and threaten a death penalty on any one that touches it while I am gone.
You can leave a $100 bill on your station and it will be there for weeks, you leave food in the break room and its GONE. I am serious about the death penalty thing.
I swore after the accident in the car earlier this week that I would not be purchasing said ice cream again for a very long time. This was "FREE". Totally different thing. Kinda.


Card Girl said...

love it! lock it up. I can never contain myself with a bucket in the freezer.. BB buys it, I eat it and he wonders what the hell happened to it. no control I say. no control.

Belle in Bloom said...

Cracked me up. Sounds like our house. You could leave money, games, whatever around but the ice cream "dibs" are gone in five minutes if I don't guard the freezer. My boys and husband are in a constant battle over them. I've caught Little One in the closet with them before. Yeah, I also have addicts.

Mom on the Run said...

I love their cinnamon ice cream.

So much.

日月神教-任我行 said...