Thursday, June 19, 2008

I feel GOOD!

June Cleaver and the Lawyer's Wife took me on a field trip last night.
After having a yummy dinner of fish tacos, we went to the Super Walmart. I have never been there. ( I live closer to Target and have been in a normal Walmart years ago but have never been to a SUPER one.)

If you ever need to feel good about yourself visit the Super Walmart at 10pm.

*There were way too many people in pajamas and slippers.
*There were way too many kids (we left at midnight!)
*There were A LOT of bad haircuts.
*You could get a pedicure- very frightening to me.
*You can buy $1 shorts for your kids (don't tell Nana Judy, C will never get another Lacoste shirt)
*You can buy an embroidered steering wheel cover with hearts or Tinkerbelle- your choice, not mine
*You can spend $68 and get all the snacks and junk your kids want for the week at the beach.

* You could be walking out at midnight and have a very international person let you know that they think you look "Very professional!"

I think its because I have all my teeth and my babies are in bed, but I'm just sayin'.


Mom on the Run said...

When I lived on the Cobb-Cherokee line, we used to love to troll Ingles.

Shoes and teeth--optional.

The Lawyer's Wife said...

Don't be dogging the Super Walmart ... you know you had a blast! And it was made better by all the Fritos and me laughing so hard I literally peed on myself.

Ah yes, good times!!

The Lawyer's Wife said...
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clemsongirlandthecoach said...

#1, you all were TOO cute for a Super Walmart

#2, Have a great vaca!

Card Girl said...

paste and link.

Card Girl said...

be careful what you buy.. i am just saying :)