Sunday, June 22, 2008


So everyone talks about the BEAUTIFUL beaches on the Northern Gulf Coast. Not So Much.

Today, we were welcomed to the beach with the ocean looking like lime Jello. I am not exagerating. There was more sea weed than in a Sushi Bar. There were also jelly fish.

From experience, June and Lawyer's wife know that urine will remove the sting and itch.

C was body surfing and came out crying. He was the first to be stung. No one had to go potty to help the kid out. Finally, Wally (June's son) had to go. We grabbed a cup and got a sample. Instant relief!

Thank goodness that I drank a pot of coffee this morning. When I went to make lunch, we received a very large donation of "Jellyfish Medicine". I figured that a water bottle labeled with "urine" was a bit redneck.

We are now the proud owners of a "Jellyfish Medicine Bottle". Everyone has made a donation, because they have ALL needed a withdrawal. The jelly fish are stinging right and left. Some people more than others. C is the Grand Champion! He has had about 5 stings. It's because the child is a fish, he never gets out of the water.

When we came in for showers tonight, I checked the boys out. They were fine. All the stings are tiny red pricks. They are not bothered a bit. Too bad they had a salad in their suits.


maggi said...

Geez, sounds like you guys are having soooo much fun!

Keep having fun!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...


Bad Mommy said...

Could. Not. Do. It.

Belle in Bloom said...

I took the boys to Panama City last summer and ran into the same thing. My boys did not like the sea weed and all the jellyfish. We had several stings, but no one informed me about "jellyfish medicine". I could have used that little tid bit. ;)

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

Oh my! I thought it would really hurt! I feel better knowing that if my son (fish also) gets stung that I can rip my daughter's diaper off and wring in on the sting !HA HOw's that for redneck? !