Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Babing Suits

We are heading to the beach with a Pink and Green theme. Everything must be monogrammed. I am dieing over here!
I will not be wearing the pink or green babing suit. I am all for a navy suit that makes the a** look as small as possible. And a cover up. I will be out shopping as soon as I get some sun, cellulite looks so much better brown. When at the beach, I like a nice solo cup full of adult beverage and a book. I am easy. My kids will have PBJ for lunch and chicken nuggets for dinner. And they want to be left alone in between, there are waves to splash in and sand to dig. I am watching, with the threat that if they drowned each other I will kill them. By the end of the week they are very brown and happy as can be. I will be the Mom in the group that is not going to care enough to color coordinate my kids with my wrap. ;o) I hope I don't embarrass my friends. Just kidding!

My boys like to pick out their own clothes. They are very picky like their Daddy. J says, "Babing Suits have to have sharks or fire." It is all about being cool at the pool. Rock on 6 year old! Little boy's bathing suits are one step up from the tattoo that they want. I have little pirates on my hands, I should buy them swords and eye patches. If tattoos were acceptable at the Baptist Church my boy's would be asking.


The Lawyer's Wife said...

Atleast you get your monogramming very CHEAP!!!

I am just saying ...

thepreppyprincess said...

We are loving the ongoing conversation about, shall we say, 'vacation color challenges,' it is just too funny! You guys are crack-ups to read. The blog is great - we're fairly new to it and enjoying it!