Saturday, April 26, 2008

A little notice please

Both boys had ballgames this morning at 9:00am and 9:45am. No problem! Yeah, until the phone call at 10pm last night- MIL and SIL were coming in the morning. For breakfast. At my house. That was NOT ready for MIL.
The woman's hobby is cleaning her house and her daughter's house. You heard me correctly. My MIL cleans my SIL house. Every week. She is happy when SIL and family put their dishes in the sink and don't leave them on the table. Monday mornings she does the dishes from the entire weekend. It is insane. I know. They see nothing wrong with it. Needless to say, I am overly sensitive to how my house looks when MIL is coming.
I stayed up until 1:30 am making sure everything was ready. Then got up at 7 am to start working again and get a little Continental Breakfast action started. They were running late. As Usual. They ended up meeting us at the ballpark. AAARRRGGGHHH! The only good part of all of this is that my house is clean.

Both boys had fantastic games today. A dad on C's team lost it on the coaches- Paint boy . (His son was pitching and walking everyone. The coaches put in a new pitcher.) It was so ugly that the umpires had to get involved. I hate psycho parents! I felt sorry for his wife and son. I will be happy when this season is over. This is the worst team and worst parents we have ever had to deal with.

C is off to his first Big time boy/girl party. These parents are crazy, the kids are going to be there for 5 hours. He is so excited!

Are you going to Taste of ... tomorrow? We will be there with the Lawyer family around 11:30. Be there (at the Square) or be square!


The Lawyer's Wife said...

Oh, you should have so told me the whole dirty dishes with the SIL thing ... that so explains it all. She is probably waiting for your MIL to step in and discipline her children, too. Oh ... large issues. Makes me feel normal!

what next? said...

you are a riot. that is all i have to say. what is your email?

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

My mom will do anything, and I mean anything for me, but I seriously can not see her cleaning our house every week! Weird!!!

Mom on the Run said...

Hey, my MIL cleans BOTH of my SIL's houses....for MONEY. Yeah, DOTR's family is soooo generous.

I wouldn't have her clean my house, money or not. Anyway, DOTR says her standards are not quite the same as mine, so I'd probably be p.o.'d if I paid her and she did a crappy job.

Sorry about baseball. Being the coach's wife sucks because people just cannot behave. The worst is when they talk to you about playing time in hopes you'll talk to hubby. As if.