Friday, April 25, 2008

I committed

I finally broke it to Paint boy that the boys and I are headed to Seagrove this summer! He loves us and doesn't like our family to be apart. He will be lonely. We are already going as a family in July. All the usual excuses I get when I want to go away.Wah, Wah. I love him, but I am going to the beach.
We are getting a house for a week with The Lawyer's Wife and Kiddos and June Cleaver and Kiddos. That's right people NO Husbands! We are bringing a babysitter and a Wii. That should take care of the 2- 12 year olds, the 3- 6/7 year olds and the 2- 3 year olds. Yeah! Everyone has a friend!!!
Lawyer's Wife and I have one mission during this week; FIND THE RECIPE FOR SEAGROVE TEA. Do not tell June. She has one recipe that she will not share with anyone. I mean deathbed recipe. June is very sweet and will bring her tea to any function, but you are not getting the recipe. It is the most fabulous fruit tea that you can drink plain, with white wine, or add vodka. It is FABULOUS! For about 72 hours last summer I thought I might be receiving the recipe- Thank God that I didn't, but there is still a small part of me that can't wait to figure it out. Last summer, June would make her tea at the beach and take the trash out immediately. To the neighbors trash. So the Lawyer's wife wouldn't snoop. She is that serious. The neighbor's trash.
Even if I don't figure out the recipe I will get to drink massive quantities of tea. (and not have to be at a baby shower.)


The Lawyer's Wife said...

Oh girl ... you have no idea how sneaky she is ... just watch she will pack for the trip and have already made the tea just becuase she knows we are sneaky! NO LIE!!!

Poor paint boy ... he will be lonely ... only until he realizes he can party on his own!

He will spend so much time at the studio it will be scary!

We love you paint boy!

Mom on the Run said...

Sounds fabulous! I want some!

So did you make it to the concert last night? J2 came home to see everybody before prom and then we went down there until the band was done. I went from table to table talking and I got fed at every stop.

AFRo said...

I'm jealous of the road trip. Seriously.

I must have this recipe though. You better get your game face on and take some Xanax to knock her out while you raid the neighbor's garbage and she won't remember a thing.