Friday, April 4, 2008

Walking in the rain

Tonight is the First Friday Art Walk here in town on The Square. The first Friday of every month, local galleries, museums, restaurants and businesses showcase art and artisans from 5pm -8pm. Its a free event and going to be a lot of fun. Wine and art go hand in hand, so of course I'm there! PaintBoy's Gallery is the final destination on the Walk. After visiting at least 10 stops on the Walk, you take your map back to the Gallery and receive a prize bag. Free and you get prizes, good times!

I know all of you are thinking it, but I am going to say it- "Yes, I have been doing all the running around!" He has to prepare the gallery, so I have been out getting wine, food, flowers, finding the black tablecloths, the specific candles, etc. BTW- we are leaving tomorrow for a one week trip to The Grand Canyon. Have I packed the first thing? Has PaintBoy given it a second thought over the Walk? Not so much.
Okay, I just got off the phone with the Lawyer's Wife and I was checking the weather for AZ. I seriously thought I had changed my computer to Celsius when it popped up that it is 12 degrees at the Canyon right now! 12! How in the world do you pack for Phoenix being 85 and the next day its 12? I have an issue of that many layers and that much stripping to handle waking up to 12 and by the afternoon its 65. I am only going for 7 days but am going to have to pack for 4 seasons of GA weather. Holy Crap, what have I gotten myself into??!?


Mom on the Run said...

Looks like it's nice out now--hold off rain!

We had to do that one year for spring break. We went to France, but we went to Nice and Monaco (hot), Chamonix and Mont Blanc (ski resort) and Paris (rainy). And then they say "pack light".

Three layers ought to do it--shorts and tshirt, jeans and sweatshirt, coat and hat. No problem! ha!

Mom on the Run said...

Whoops, spoke too soon. Here comes more rain. Yikes! J4 has been running wild on the square all afternoon.